Woman stabs robber in St. Johnston’s Village


REAL NEWS An attempted robber got the worst part of the deal when his female victim turned the tables and stabbed him.

Police are investigating the incident, which took place in broad daylight in St. Johnston’s Village.

Reports say that at about 1:25 p.m. last Friday, September 9, the woman was sitting on her verandah when the unknown man approached and asked for a drink of water.

According to the woman, she got up and entered her house and was headed to the kitchen when the man walked up behind her and said, “Give me everything you have.”

The St. Johnston’s villager reportedly told him she did not have any money, after which a scuffle ensued between the two of them.

During the altercation, the woman reportedly managed to grab a knife from the kitchen counter and, in defence, stabbed the intruder several times.  Reports say he then fled in a westerly direction and made good his escape.

The woman later reported the matter to the Criminal Investigations Department, and the Police searched the surrounding areas for the man – but without success.

It is likely that the attempted robber’s injuries were not severe enough to require him to seek medical attention – since the matter automatically would have had to be reported to the Police.

Meanwhile, an attempted break-in, in which a Gambles man was the victim, is under investigation.

Reportedly, the man told Police that, at about 2:30 a.m. on September 9, an unknown male attempted to enter his house.

The homeowner, who reportedly was asleep, says he was awakened by a strange noise at his front door.

He reportedly looked outside and saw a slimy built man, about six feet in height, wrestling with and pushing on his door. The man says he shouted at the perpetrator, who then fled in a northerly direction.

Reports are that the would-be-thief is dark in complexion, has long dreadlocks, and was dressed in a blue shirt. An unsuccessful search was carried out for him in the surrounding areas.

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      • @ Quann

        When the UPP was in power ABLP used to decry the crime situation, now that the shoe is on the other foot I thought crime was a thing of the past. Why shouldn’t Mr Byam talk about the crime situation. IT HAS TOTALLY GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL. WHEN CROOKS ARE IN POWER THE CROOKS SURFACE!!!

        USEFUL IDIOT!!!

      • Quann, u call Mr. Byam dunce but u couldn’t even interpret the person statement. Have they mentioned they’re upp? Don’t u think that person just as i am could be an independent voter? And is entitled to express themselves. U my friend is the real dunce. Just shut up please and relax yourself…. u add no value to an intellectual discussion.

    • A woman was shot point blank in Heritage Quey on a Cruise Ship day in broad daylight when UPP had hired a $40000 a month white Commissioner of police

      • @ I-man
        A white woman and her husband was shot at point blank range in Golden Grove and not up to now an arrest, from those in power who say they champion crime….USEFUL IDIOT

    • Mr. Byam, wait everything fu you ah government. The tick them dig inna you goat, you can tek umm out now. You dammnn disgusting.

    • I’m not a political person by any means but how could a government prevent a situation like that from happening??? #JustCurious

      • @#JustCurious
        Were you not a political person in 2014 when the ABLP blamed all crime on UPP and said they should be run out of power?

  1. If that was me I would stab him right in the neck an k***l him,I hate thief imagine the woman all an concerned minding her business an he try to rob her kmt

  2. Well done,lady.You should still be stabbing his backsides. It is about time the people take matters into their own hands and defend self.

  3. The police are not doing enough. They are not coming to the public and provide us with enough information. They need to be out patrolling . Not talking about the cycling around town handing out traffic tickets left right and center just for monetary reasons. They need to drive around the communities, the highways, the byways. The police patrols seems to be focused looking out for drug related crimes. They are not into looking out for the other host of criminal activities that are plaguing the society – Rape, thieves are ramping on Schools, home, churches, vechicles, farms – poultry , fruits and vegetables. The fights between schools after school. This leads me to another point. After school the children gather up at Friendly Alley – that is west of the old Benjies building now Chinese owned twist mall. Smoking, cursing, doing every conceivable wrong. The police and the ministry of education need to address this urgently before a murder takes place.

  4. That woman should have the would be robber fighting for his life. at Mount St John. They need to go and look for work.

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