Woman says PM Browne disrespected her home when he threatened to tump Asot Michael


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    • Just saying, you can yarnnn all you like. The lady has spoken. Gaston is not welcomed at her home because he don’t know how to conduct himself. That’s the same reason why we should not choose him as our leader because he is a bully, dictator and a vagabond. He should not be allowed to conduct the affairs of our country. Time for a change.

  1. This PM think he so bad because 1. He has his security team to protect him, 2. He knows the St. Peter Rep doesn’t have a physical fighting mode, Jumbee know who fuh frighten! The behaviour/rhetoric from the PM is gonna be Labour downfall if by some MIRACLE they loose the election. The sad thing is so many of the senior members sit by and allow this to happen because they are too busy enriching themselves.

  2. #STRAIT

    Birds Of A Feather!

    The Makings of a Prime Minister from S.H.U.T. to Lady Nugent Cemetery, dead men do tell tales!

    • Carter, what is your point?
      Are you doubting that she said it?
      What’s really wrong with you Gastonites?
      Intelligent people especially in the music industry endorsing the shit that Gaston does and at the same time influencing the younger generation by feeding them music, alcohol and weed.

      • Carter just clasping at any straws he can desperately find @ ABLP IS A CULT, the mindset of these Gaston Browne acolytes beggars belief boss …

  3. Ah fu she place…Asot come dey wen eva he like…he come dey long time ova 20 years…so no matter what Asot do or say he right.. Ah fu me yard.

  4. Gaston need to set example to our young people as a leader what are you sending to our young people they can fight as they like really really am didapointed in you all you has to do walk away and go some where èlse to avoid this kind of tump ina he face mmmm french man he be becare full.

  5. He was wrong to that in a stranger’s home. Such behaviors should be done only in his home not someone else’s. I have never heard a leader of any Country threatened to tump anyone in their faces. That man with the trademark Stache is losing it fast.On Wednesday 18th,get a rid a dem me say,by voting their fat arses out of Office.

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