LISTEN: Woman says grand-daughter abducted from in front of her house


A grandmother says her 14-year-old grand-daughter was rescued after being abducted.

She says the teen is still traumatized. Listen here:

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  1. Missing person report! This was a kidnapping. No way can it be related to the event of missing person.

    An investigation needs to be conducted as to why the police would not respond immediately to a kidnapping (abduction) report. 48 hours for a missing person case is different from an abduction case.
    This is really strange.

    It appears that if the police would have responded instantly that they would have been able to identify and capture this vehicle used in the abduction.

    The police need to report to the public about why they responded in the way they reportedly did.

    If the grandmother’s story is truthful, then we certainly need an investigation into how law enforcement reacted. Thus, to help avoid this scenario reoccurring.

    Mr. Rodney: the public needs answers.

    The perpetrator/s of this act must be detained also.

    • Protect & Serve. MA & Granma
      All in all deserve says Rodney To Rodney..Extremophiles Pediophiles Running 🏃‍♂️ Wild So Much Guile
      Unregulated in these Countries

    • Lets not twist things. The info the police got was that the girl is missing. The caller to the police did not say abduction, because of course at that time no one knew. It is the same missing person report rule all over the world. Police just cannot respond any time we don’t see someone for a few minutes.
      Now, while I cannot comment on the grandmother’s claim of the police actions while interviewing the girl (she did not go into detail), most of us must admit that to kidnap a girl and be in a car parked car so close to the abduction site is not normal. The average kidnapper would want to be miles away. So of course the police will want to question her about the mindset of the abductor.
      And oh, just to close off one angle, phone records will also be checked. Just to close off one angle.

  2. Yes, to God be the Glory, my dear sister. Our gracious God takes care of His own. Call upon Him, He says and He will answer and show us great and mighty things we know not of. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

    In times like these, we need the Saviour
    In times like these, we need an anchor
    Be very sure, be very sure Our anchor holds and grips the solid Rock.
    This Rock is Jesus, Yes, He’s the One This Rock is Jesus, the only One
    Be very sure, be very sure Our anchor holds and grips the solid Rock!

  3. If this is abduction, the minor child could have been raped and murdered within forty eight hours. What is wrong with the police force? This needs an investigation. Even if she agreed to meet the person, the fact that she is a minor, the police should have started searching immediately.

    • Excellent point. A #1 test of a safe country is the protection of children within the community. Children should always be protected by law & society at large. This is very upsetting news of such a police stance. It simply makes no sense in regards to a child.

      Lots of love and light to the family and the child. Thanks be to God you have been reunited. Also, praise to the Grandmother, for doing her own search in absence of any police help.

  4. The Public Always Want To Tell The Police How To Work!!! In That Case Join The Force & Solve Them Yourselves!!! Everything Y’all Comment On!!! Black People Can’t Be Pleased !!

    • Antigua Police don’t like hard work they rather be spoon fed, drugs and guns get them more excited.

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