Woman says airline won’t compensate her after damaging her suitcase


Tracy told Antigua Newsroom

All my life I always travel with LIAT airline and never have a problem with my luggage.

But due to the airline not working I have no choice but to use a next airline, InterCaribbean Airline.

On my arrival to Antigua on checking on my baggage. I discover my baggage was damaged, so I talked to someone at the airline about it.

They asked about my information, and I give it to them, full out a form. After that they said that they will contact me in the next two working days.

Today I give them a called and what them have to say is my fault my baggage was damage due to overweight and that they would not take responsibility for it. woooow.

Their job was to handle people luggage with care like it’s then owned. The things I just seem how they handle people luggage, just throwing person baggages 🧳 just so, like it not them own. I am so vexed, I spent all that money on that suitcase and overweight money.

Now I must spend extra money on a next suitcase.

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  1. You should be thankful that the airline was willing to put that garbage bag you call a suitcase on its airline. You need to take that bag to the dump.

    • Wow, that’s rather cold, not everyone can afford expensive luggage. That’s bad customer service from the airline, it wouldn’t have cost much to replace that suitcase. And in addition advise the customer to next time wrap her check-in luggage for extra sturdiness.

    • Your comment is uncalled for. If you don’t have something worthwhile to say, say nothing. The bag was damaged whilst in their possession therefore they should pay for any damage

      • You are uncalled for. If you are not worthwhile you should not be living. I’m saying this using your logic. Grow a pair then you will see the real world.

  2. By IATA Law , the Airline is not responsible for certain damages. Read the fine prints my dear , you lost in every way.

  3. grow a pair gul Tracy!

    peepl starving in africa
    Haitians carnt fine rest n peace

    u tink ya likkle sootcase important gul?

  4. You payed for over weight your suitcase is always insurance so they have the right to give you your suitxaae back because it got damage in there care ,so I guess people have this senceless conents have no sense of customer service .

  5. STOP STUFFING YOUR SUITCASES. I’ve seen bags that are damaged without anyone touching them. Bags goes through a chute and when the bags gets to the carousel BAM there goes your belongings. It’s Neither TSA or the bag handlers responsibility to secure your belongings so be thankful.

  6. Rather than pay the airline overweight fee(s) on my large bag for anything over 50lbs., I decided to buy a heavy duty small box and strong shipping tape. I’ll be shipping any overage purchases or maybe dirty laundry. The luxury shopping items I buy normally are low cost. I label the box “Household items”, shipping one week before leaving, so the box will arrive about the same time that I get back home. The tracking number is given to the destination agency. Anything of value is with me on “de plane”.

  7. In all fairness to the airlines, it’s not their responsibility to handle 10’s of 100,000’s pieces of luggage with care given the time constraints to load and unload freight (unless of course you the flying passenger has a contract with the airline for doing so).

    I know this, because at one time in my life I worked at the airport for an air freight company.

    Message to the flying passenger with complaints: The next time you fly, follow the rules of luggage weight limit, and be thankful you got your luggage.

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