Woman robbed, thrown from car


A 19-year-old Golden Grove woman told police she was thrown from a vehicle and robbed after taking a ride from a man.

The woman said the incident occurred around 3:30 am Saturday in the vicinity of Eye Mobile Clinic in Gambles.

According to the woman, she was walking along Popeshead Street when she got the ride.

She says while driving in Gambles the man pushed her from the moving car.

The robber then reportedly exited his car and snatched her handbag, which contained $800 and her house keys, while she was still on the ground.

Police said they are investigating the matter.

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    What kind of ‘…Cock and Bull Story’ is this?

    (i) …Woman walking street at 3.30 am;

    (ii) …Unknown driver pulled up in vehicle;

    (iii) …Offered ride;
    (iv) …Woman got in;
    (v) …Vehicle in motion;
    (vi) … Woman pushed outside;
    (vii) …Driver stopped vehicle;
    (viii) …Jumped out;
    (x) …Snatched bag with $800;
    (xi) Then sped away.

    How was this possible to be ‘…driving and pushing’ a woman outside the vehicle.

    This is one for my good friend ‘…Duncy Bat.’

    Met one of your ‘…online fan readers’ at an electrical store yesterday, [December 3, 2018].
    Said he reads everyone of your comments. You made him laugh as well.

    Know you believe you are the ‘…dunciest bat.’

    In this news story, there could be a ‘…Bat’ here.

    Figure this one out. Nothing too ‘…duncy,’ though.

  2. Vehicle stop man got out snatch bag didnt get liscence plate number a really cook and bull story girl a best u did tell the police some other story cause that no make no scence

  3. Translation: “I was picked up by a client on Popeshead Street at 3:30am in the morning to do a job. After the job was finished I didn’t receive the payment we agreed on so an argument ensued and I was told by my client to get out of his car because he had to get home. I’m not pleased with neither the treatment or payment I received so I decided to spite him with a false claim”

  4. @ Mr Pompey
    The reality of Antigua today might be ahead of your awareness.

    1 Woman walking POPESHEAD street 3:30 am – Possible prostitute
    2 Unknown driver puled up in vehicle – Man looking prostitute
    3 Offered ride – Prostitutes rides for money
    4 Woman got in – Prostitute agrees to the ride
    5 Vehicle in motion – Negotiation continues
    6 Woman pushed outside – Man do not want to pay.
    7 Driver stopped vehicle – Isolated and dominance
    8 Jumped out – Show Prostitute who is boss
    9 Snatched bag with $800.00 – Business good that night
    10 Then sped away – No point in leaving a crime scene like a turtle.

    How was this possible to be ‘…driving and pushing’ a woman outside the vehicle? Young people today is quite aggressive especial when the urge is unfulfilled.

    Hints No IDENTIFICATION, BANK CARDS, etc in bag.
    What was her destination?
    Where was she coming from at that time?
    What is the source of the $800.00?
    Which lock does the key open? Do not assume the key is for her house, keys are given when rooms are rented.
    Other than the money and key was there any other contents in the bag.

    Mr Pompey keep focused a prostitute cannot report to the police a transaction ended badly.

  5. Really never heard to a sillier story than this. People does come up with such nonsense to give the impression that they are victims. When people waste the police time with such foolishness, they should be punished if found to be lying. This story is nothing short of fabrication and the lady cannot even put together a well sounding lie. Shame on you girl!

  6. Rubbish ….just by reading this upsets me …woman walking on road after 3 am …takes ride from stranger …got robbed of 800 dollars …even the blind can see this doesn’t make any sense n..

  7. This sounds like the car scene in Sister Act I where Whoopi Goldberg’s character rolls out of the moving vehicle to escape her ex.


    Saw all commentators are equally baffled over the news story.

    Like ‘…Duncy’s’ sense of humor. Know that his friend is going to laugh as well.

    If the woman was ‘..batting with her eyes,’ then the bowler may have mesmerized her with, either with a ‘…China-man; or …googly or a ‘…leg break’ that appeared to have penetrated her defence.

    Seemed to have shattered her stumps, resulting in the loss of her ‘…bat and wallet.’

    She called for a review of the ‘…bowling action’ by the third Umpire (the Police).

    From professional practice, however, an investigator never go into an investigation with ‘…pre-conceived ideas.’

    Even when the report appeared stranger than fiction, the victim made a report, true or false, it must be investigated.

    He may work out theories or re-construct the crime scene and ‘…draw reasonable inferences.’ Saw ‘…Rastaman’ has done that, but by the speculatory route.

    In the animal kingdom, at late night to the wee hours of the morning, only (i) …Police on patrol: (ii) …Stray Dogs scavenging; and (iii) …Thieves,’ are expected to be on the streets.’

    Rastaman has just added another. Now, this makes it four.

    What has happened to the ‘…Real Rastaman?’ Sure he too might be dismayed.

  9. This must be the new movie someone making in Antigua. If not, it sounds like an exchange for money and sex went bad. I hope the police solve this one and let us the public knows the outcome.

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