Woman Robbed Of Seven Thousand EC Dollars On Jonas Road


On Friday evening, two mask gunmen attacked a woman and demanded money, this while she unpacked her car in front of her home on Jonas Road.

The victim who was beaten and robbed of EC $7000. The two suspects allegedly fled the area on feet.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she was treated for non life threatening head injuries.

The police are currently looking for the two male suspects in connection to this aggravated robbery

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  1. Wow… how sad. Without a toy gun, they could get seven years in jail, but with a fake gun, probably charged $7000.

  2. This robbery thing is getting worst. Lord, please help and heal our beautiful paradise island of Antigua and Barbuda. These crime activities are increasing rapidly as the coming of Jesus Christ draw near.

  3. Evertime a gun is used in antigua I blame the police (law) system.. them a save people with money from go a jail …

  4. These low-life cteeps need to be dealt with severely and with harhness. In Mother Africa the whole neighnourhood would gather together and stone them on the spot. We have become far too lenient. IF they are non-nationals they should be dealt with more severely than naionals, because they are making a bad name for the good non-nationals, and there are many good ones among us, who are honest and hard workers. The people are demanding these thugs be dealt with harshly. They are driving the tourist away from our shores. Stop it!!!

    • Nationals should be punished equally in a court of law. Why would you suggest if the crime was committed by an Antigua national, they should get off work a lower sentence.

  5. Sorry not you . My bad …the idiot one above u CErmle…….You are a complete illiterate jackass. Talking about non nationals should get harsher penalties than Antiguans. This is why this country is so corrupt. Every citizen should be equal under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

    • Non-nationals are NOT citizens. Citizens “should be equal”, but non-nationals are NOT citizens. Those who abuse Antigua’s hospitality must pay big time, and then be deported. You cannot deport citizens (nationals). That is why I say their penalties should be harsher…after convicted and serving their time, they must be deported. Hence, non-nationals are dealt with more severely since they must be kicked out (deported) after serving theri time in 1735. That’s just the way it is.

  6. We do understand that this lady was ROBBED!! Should it matter what nationality robbed her or to one show some dam empathy and make some SENSIBLE suggestions as to how we can help curb the crime rate that seems to be rising in Antigua??!! How easy we loose focus.

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