Woman makes a scene after being told child maintenance money not ready, fined


Twenty-two year old Jene James now owes the court $400 after she caused a scene in the lobby of the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court last week.

The young Cashew Hill woman was on the court compound on December 11 for the sole purpose of collecting  child maintenance money but she could not control herself when she heard that the money was not ready.

In fact, when told to return on December 14, the woman began to make loud outbursts in the Grays Farm facility.

She was asked to calm down but she then began to use expletives.

“So much of problem to get the money,all of you can just….off,” she exclaimed.
She was therefore arrested and taken to the St.John’s lock up where she was charged with disorderly conduct and using indecent language.

She was fined $200 for each offense and will spend a month in jail if she fails to pay.

This was despite her apologizing to the court saying, “I am sorry for the conduct I had on Friday morning and it wont happen again.”

Attorney,Sherfield Bowen, also begged the Magistrate to be compassionate since the woman is a mother of two.

But the Magistrate noted that she had warned the woman prior to this offense and said that the woman will be jailed if she comes before her again.

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  1. Smh. The court system in Antigua is horrible and a waste of time .. it’s Christmas time and the woman is frustrated I’m sure not getting help from the child’s father.. he should be fined for not having the money ready … we need to support our women better

    • Father?? If a court has to summon you to support your own flesh and blood, then maybe a Father isn’t who you are.

    • One big dutty tinikng long chupzzzzz!!!!!!! She shoulda get charge more money!!!!!! So go dey da court yard fu mek she conduct an dispite dem warn she fu tap she till continue. Aru to f***ing bias round ya. Cuase ah one woman she must disrespect da court BS!!!!

      • Fustrated or not she was warned fu tap an she till continue. She f***ing rude an out of order. Wha kinda example she ah set fu da pikney and dem. She shoulda get fine more!!!

        • Well said. I just hate to hear women or men use words like that in the presence of others. I heard a woman telling her five year old daughter, in a store in the mall, to no ask her to buy no f …..toy. I wanted to box that vagabond woman’s ears.

  2. While I’m sorry for her present predicament, she should have shown more constraint and respect for the court. How can you say they all can f@#$ off when you are 50% responsible for the situation you are in and the court is only there to help you get what you should rightfully get. If it’s not ready and they told you to come back in a day or two, you should be thankful and be patient a little longer, but no, you want to be ghetto. Well you get ghetto treatment and now you want to say sorry. Some people have to pay to learn, and it’s a shame when you don’t even have it in the first place. Now that’s $400 short from the child support money. Some might say that the judge should have shown some leniency but where would disrespect end if you don’t nip it in the bud. Again I’m sorry for the hot water she found herself in but she looked for it. Better behavior next time.

    • Very well said. I support your statement 4,781 percent and still counting, don’t think I’m joking.
      Total disorder, no behavior.
      Tell she seh…..”Yuh nuh bad, not even stove yuh nah fyah
      Betty yuh go sing pon a likkle church choir
      Likkle bit a thread cyaan test a bad wire
      Know seh yuh bad betta seh a small prayer
      Cau, de Judge a guh push de sentence higher
      Roll out mad like twenty truck tire
      Di Judge a walk wid di flame fi roast di vampire

    • Me neva do nothing wrong inna life, born as winner suh me a fe live winner life, some bwoy lifestyle dimmer than a dimmer light.

  3. These things happen when little women don’t know how to keep their legs closed. Some stupid little idiot with his tiny ting is just waiting to shove it where the sun don’t shine. They are equally to blame. Keep your legs closed and your tiny ting in your pants. Simple as that.

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