Woman Found with Firearm and Drugs


Woman Found with Firearm & Drugs

Aminata Joseph-Wilson of Grays Farm, who currently resides in Barbuda, is now in police custody assisting the police with their investigations after a firearm and a quantity of Cannabis were found on her property.

Around 4:15 pm on Monday 19th, July, police officers attached to Barbuda Police Station executed a warrant on the property of the 23yrs old woman and found 43 grams of Cannabis and an unlicensed firearm.

The items were seized and she was taken into custody.

Further investigations are ongoing into the matter.

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  1. Baby girl, I hope it’s not the case where you are believing the lies of these man where’s running rampant in society. They like to promise sunshine and roses that turn out to be disaster and shit. I urge you to leave them idiots alone. Drop the zero and get a hero.

    • Why would you assume some man is encouraging her? Do you ever stop to think that she might be encouraging some men to take up the drug trade?

      So much women in our society force their men into illegal activities, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. Some of the women want a lifestyle above what their man can afford and he might be stupid enough to go beyond his ability by stealing, whatever, whatever.

      Notice how her hair looks pretty? She might not even be working (i don’t know) but maybe that’s where the money coming from.

      • JBF, the man and them stupid. Why should any man damage their live for some woman? If you can’t afford woman, it’s best to find a woman who they can afford. They’re plenty affordable women out there who would not encourage a man into illegal activities. I always told my son to date a woman who can work within his budget and her paycheck.

      • She is not a woman; she’s a criminal. A heavy hand is the only way to deal with these miscreants.

      • “Open season on criminals”

        If you love criminals, go to Jamaica, Guyana, or the DR and be happy nah jack. If it was up to me, I would string her up.

        • Oh so she is not an “ALP imported criminal” so you going to beat her huh. Shows what kind of “man” you are “Mr. By am” I can only image what your wife or woman goes through with you and that messed up mentally you have.

          • I’m not going to do anything. The state is going administer her punishment. This is not santo domingo you moron.

        • That byam character sounds like a serious dunce and a retard . Only an iguana 🦎would lay down next to somebody like you. Missing kindergarten come to haunt you .
          Remember your words so, when a male physically assault a female family member shut your stinking mouth.

  2. Flog her, put her in the stocks in the public market. Let people see da truth bouts how we treat dis. Den take those who shoot and line dem up front the firing squad. Let’s get serious on crime, people.

  3. She looks so young….

    Sweetie it’s not worth it. Easy money? Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

    Wishing you all the best

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