Woman found dead at Creekside


Police Investigate Sudden Death of Creekside Woman

Police officers at the Grays Farm Police Station are currently on the scene of a report of a sudden death at Creekside.

A 43 year-old woman of the area was reportedly found dead at her home.

The report was made at the station shortly after 9 am on Thursday 13 April.

Foul play is not suspected at this time.

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    • My sympathies to the bereaved!

      💉💉the leading cause of sudden deaths.
      When Dr. MIke Yeadon said 3–5 years life expectancy post mRNA jabs, he was called a conspiracy theorist. The phenomenon of died suddenly is a new world wide trend. There are even several fb groups that post the victims of this new phenomenon. Sadly, we will be seeing more of this going forward.

      • @So Sorry.
        Which planet do you and Dr Yeadon come from? People have died suddenly for thousands of years before anyone ever heard of Covid. What about those who have died because they were not vaccinated against Covid? Every medicine has a side effect even though you may not realize it. Ask the doctor. This lady apparently suffered from some sort of depression according to some reports. Blame the vaccine for the drought or anything else ymou choose but people will continue to die suddenly from now until doomsday. It’s a natural process that neither Dr Yeadon nor anyone else can stop.

  1. Vacation is one issue but the devil is real……we wrestle not against flesh n blood but spiritual wickedness in high places

  2. I am sorry to hear of her passing. From what I understand that this young woman made a suicidal attempt on her life before with a knife. The police have that information in their record. My condolences to her family, especially her two young children, two months baby and a 13-year-old son.

    • Tel us more Janet
      Where you there this time, was it suicide?

      Many of us are at that brink.

      ANR needs to publish editorials about SUICIDE AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE

      Live in Antigua (including political wickness in high places) is driving persons over the precipice

  3. Is it true we have Africans (3) under quaranteen in Antigua who tested positive for an airborn disease??? Asking as a concern citizen.

  4. Condolences to the family. Death is real just as heaven and hell.

    Hope we are prepared for life after death.
    Be prepared.

  5. So many people dying i suspect that vavaccination could be the cause. But it will all come clearly eventually. I never trusted it.

  6. May God be with this lady’s family, whatever the cause.

    About the vaxx…maybe if people had listened to us in the first place we wouldn’t have so many sudden deaths to be speculating on…just saying. You had your chance. You tried to shut us up, now let us talk cause we were right all along. These people only care about the almighty dollar. Let us all be guided by our experiences.

    • The vaccine cause suicide? Or you just want to type anything whether it makes sense or not?

      You do realise you will absolutely die as well right? Vaccinnated or not, death accepts us all.

    • Absolutely @ Condolences, we were castigated, pilloried and treated like lepers from the get go, and now that we’ve been proved right all along, people want to silence us. NEVER!

      Only when the perpetrators are held to account and behind bars, then we’ll be quiet!

      Sincere condolences to the lady who has just passed away.

  7. Nothing much more to add to the majority of critical thinking commentators on this particular ANR thread.

    The medical expert Dr John Campell has just released another mind-blowing video on YouTube titled: ‘Wednesday Video …’

    Suffice to say, Dr Campbell highlights the problems with these vaccines using, facts figures and case studies.


  8. Y’all are a bunch of insensitive jackasses on here and y’all need to STFU!!!!! Talking about vacxine and all that BS when that has nothing to do with it!!!!! Condolences to the lady’s family🙏🏾🙏🏾. Mental health and depression is real and this shit hole world full with a bunch of jackasses with nothing better to do🤬🤬🤬

    • You’re the jackass if you KNEW she had mental health issues and depression and you left her alone.
      Go take your guilt out on yourself for doing Nothing.

      This is social media.

      • The cap must really fit U a**wipe. U must be one of them jackasses talking about vaccine kill the woman. U can take ya middle finger and shove um where the sun don’t shine🖕🏾

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