Woman dies following car accident (+VIDEO)


A woman is dead following an accident tonight, a police source confirmed.

The 22-year-old reportedly died in the hospital following the crash near the Police Training School.

Her name is being withheld as a courtesy to the family.

A video shows the damaged vehicle.

More details to follow.

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  1. Life has been lost in that area already. Authorities please do something before anymore pass. We are losing enough through Covid.

  2. They need to build a superelevation at all the curves this reduces centripetal force in respect to the speed factor v and max speed (α )-alpha … I admit ppl drive to fast but they keep building roads without factoring in the driving behavior of people such as SSD (site stopping distance) OSD (overtaking stopping distance) and other such as the PVC point of vertical curve and PVT point of vertical transition… Condolences to the family… We live in a nation with falsehood of development but in truth we live in a corrupt and incompetent nation with pure political prostitutes…. Not one of us young ppl believe in red or blue they both useless to us… that is old people party not ours they are blocking our future not leading to it ….

  3. The police also have to have some form of discretion for persons trying to get home. If the curfew starts at 19:00 p.m. everyone may not be able to be off the by 19:00 p.m. depending on where they are coming from, the road conditions and the unforseen delays caused by traffic. We are losing enough lives already. People are exposing themselves to danger driving fast on these roads that are not properly designed or lit. Let’s consider humanity. Condolences to the family

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