Woman Dies After Throat Slashed


One man is in police custody assisting the police, as they continue their investigations into the alleged murder of an All Saints woman.

Around 8:30 pm on Saturday 14th November, the police responded to a report of an alleged stabbing incident at a Store located at the junction of Market and Tanner Street.

The body of a 45yr old female was found with what appeared to be a stab wound to her upper body.

A medical doctor arrived on the scene and pronounced her dead around 10:45 pm on Saturday.

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  1. Get that crazy idiot and drag him into a cell. The courts will deal with him in due course, but all proven guilty killers should be executed. There is never an excuse for murder.

  2. It is quite obvious that since the arrival of Jamaicans and DR’s into Antigua over the last decade, our crime rate has gone up massively! These vicious types of crimes have been increasing at a steady rate.

  3. For a small and happy country there sure is a lot of robbery, violence and killings. Not good. The new generation don’t love work, they’d rather just stab a man up for $500. This will only get worse, sure of it.

    This is totally tragic, nobody deserves to die like this.

  4. Sounds like a domestic situation.

    I bet is Spanish or Jamaican. Does sound like Antiguan behavior. These foreigners come to tarnish Antigua.. that area also is full of foreigners..

    Don’t even jail them just deport dem

    • Can you tell me if you know when they will deport ‘ burga’ to Jamaica or DR?
      Somebody needs to do a survey to ascertain how many or what percentage of murderers in 1735 are born and bred Antiguans. Or Redundans?

  5. @Really now
    Sadly, that is the typical Antiguan response – rash, uninformed, xenophobic.
    Wonder what they’ll say if and when they discover that the alleged perp is homegrown. Sickening!

  6. The inherent cultural mindset of ownership of male , female, and children must change for this particular type of abnormal activity to end.

    At one time men use to put chastity belts on their women when they were leaving the house.

    I keep repeating this, it is a people problem, we need to be better beings. Seeing each other as self.

  7. No one has a right to take another’s life. Crime of passion is the leading cause of men murdering woman. If a woman knuckle a man, as we say in Antigua, just go find a faithful woman. So you murder her and spend the rest of you life in jail. Does it make sense?. Antigua should bring back the death penalty.

  8. There is one ‘little’ detail included in news reports on this murder that bothers me greatly. In more than one report it was stated that the Police were called around 8:30 p.m.after the alleged stabbing. Why was the victim pronounced dead at 10:30?? Where was the victim’s body, and in what condition during those two critical hours??? What took the doctor two hours to respond to duty’s call . Very :troubling.

  9. The headline states ” Woman Dies After Throat Slashed.” but reading the body, you are reading something different.

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