Woman caught on camera stealing phone charged


Police arrested and charged 39yr-old Marsha Monett Hogan of All Saints on Tuesday, with larceny of one Samsung J2 Prime mobile phone.

The accused allegedly stole the phone from a shelf inside China Town Resource Store, located on Market Street, on 31st January.

The mobile device, which is valued $1080, is the property of an employee, who apparently placed it on the shelf while she was packing items.

Marsha Hogan of All Saints

The incident made its rounds via social media, after she was caught on CCTV, allegedly putting the phone in her bag. A report was made to the police and she was taken into custody and charged.



  1. Why not steal something that will actually help you? Like a Bible, acne cream, shampoo, or a copy of the Constitution??

  2. How the he’ll a j2 prime costs $1080 ? Police need to stop exaggerate prices because it can be challenged in court. Woman next time just take the phone to the cashier and don’t go on the wall of shame.

  3. Some people are just covetous. I am sure she has a Phone.. Now look at the shame she caused herself. @Donald Francis- not sure i understand what you mean about her been able to challenge in court,challenge what the price of the phone? It is not the value of the item,it is the crime of theft thats the issue..

  4. stop stealing people’s phone….it is really not Kool ….people have a lot of information on these tools come on and cameras are all over …and this lady has security cameras at her house also so she is aware that she can be caught and even if u dont see cameras people there is something called covert cameras…

  5. Now that you have sobered up, consider the irreparable damage you’ve caused to yourself, your family your school, your students…then ask yourself ‘What the hell was I thinking???”

  6. I can’t believe this actually made the news you can tell that the reporters have nothing better to write upon as telephone they shouldnt even put the lady picture in the newspaper for that.

  7. We all make mistakes. Yes it was wrong but….God forgives and so should we. I’m just happy that charges were dropped in good faith. Time to move on.

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