Woman Beaten With Gun Allegedly By Her Boyfriend


A woman is nursing serious injuries to her face after being beaten with a gun, allegedly by her boyfriend.

It is reported that the woman is a Prison officer who has not yet given a statement to the police. According to reports, doctors wanted to call the police, but the woman is reportedly protecting the former prisoner.

The alleged perpetrator is said to be a former prisoner.



  1. So time in prison didn’t change him. 1735 is creating high class criminals instead of rehabilitation them. Since the place is inhumane and worst than a pig pen, that is what to expect. By the way, where the hell he get gun?

  2. As long as Antigua continues to let D.R. and Jamaican folks into Antigua under CARICOM immigration rules, we will have these kind of problems. I think the voters of Antigua are starting to wake up.

    • Do not be Daft! If those two nationalities were the only ones in 1735 I would understand. Everytime something happen it must be the migrants. Smh

  3. Wow! Another coward moonlighting as a man. I hope she gets the strength to file charges and leave the asshole once and for all. You can do bad all by yourself girl. Any man who beats a woman is a COWARD!!! Surely he has a mother and sisters.

  4. …s l o o o w n e w s d a y
    …but, anyway! Any which way!
    …I’ll, gamble my “two-pense hairpnee” away, and say!
    …there’s more, to The Black Eye
    …than, meets de I, and I n I,
    …when, it comes to
    …da Dadli Deadly Connection!


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