Woman Attempts To Kill Herself With Overdose Of Pills


A 25-year-old woman attempted to kill herself in Pigott Village Sunday night with an overdose of pills and cutting her wrist.

The information came from the woman’s roommate who told police when she arrived at the home, she knocked on the bedroom but the woman refused to answer.

The roommate then called the mother of the woman as well as the police. The lock was picked and the woman was seen lying on her back with several small cuts across her hand which were inflicted with a razor.

The woman said she attempted to kill herself by ingesting Ibuprofen, cetamol and antibiotics.
She told police she was angered because her ex-boyfriend frequently has their five year old daughter around his new girlfriend.

She was taken to hospital for treatment but have since been discharged.

Police are still investigating the matter.

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    • Might not be the only reason but that is the only reason she feels BRAVE enough to disclose! Be sorry she DIDNT disclose her feelings sooner so she can GET THE HELP SHE NEEDS SO DESPERATELY! Thats what she needs not people judging..

  1. Young lady, live and give them both a headache!
    Stipulate you do not want your child around this lady. You can, you know!

  2. Not to be insensitive to her plight but had she been successful, wouldn’t it mean that the child would spending all her time around the step-mother? Have we lost our ability to have simple conversation to address our feelings?

    • She’s a ‘girlfriend’ not an official ‘stepmother’ in any form. Bringing any random person around your child doesn’t automatically make them a substitute/step parent at all…

      • It doesn’t mean the new gf is a random or a bad person. Either way, if she and the baby daddy are through she has to come to terms with the fact that a new woman/ women will enter the picture. I’m not condoning bringing any and anyone around a child but this woman needs to face reality.

  3. Sis or however family member of hers that read this, please let her know she is not alone with depression. Tell her that she is loved a lot by her daughter and seeking death would make her life worse without her as mother. Tell her don’t let anybody judge the actions made because of her endless love for her daughter and wanting the best for her to be around positive great people and she is one of them. Yes the father may have the daughter around his present girlfriend and you don’t like it but ending your life would have it it permanent for the daughter.

    Sis, you are loved, bless and highly favored and the Almighty made it clear He knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb and have good thoughts towards you and that includes your daughter which he knew you would have. Seek yourself around positive friends and family to help you through this and after.

    • @Antigua/Barbuda desire better and best.. thank you for sharing these uplifting words. I do hope that someone close to her can relay your message.. I will also add to anyone who is depressed at the moment, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” I can assure you that trouble doesn’t last always! Stay Strong!

  4. My dear you may be depressed and stressed with your situation but suicide is not the answer. Seek help. You and your ex-boyfriend are over so it is time for you to let go and move on. Unless his new girlfriend is a bad influence on your daughter or a danger to her you should really not have an issue with her being around her father’s girlfriend. Remember she is his daughter too. Do not use your daughter as a way of getting revenge on your ex-boyfriend. That relationship is over and you have to find a way to get over it and move on. What you have just done is given your child’s father a reason to use in getting full custody of your daughter because your suicide attempt can be used against you and deem you an unfit parent for now. You have a lot to live for. You are loved by your daughter and she needs her mother. Get help and whatever consequences you may have to go through because of this suicide attempt you can face them and become a stronger person.

  5. That is not a reason for anyone to take their life.The issue is not an issue at all.Just have a conversation with the father.As a matter of fact.The father has as much rights as you do with that child.As long the child is not being abused while in his care.There is not a thing you could do about it.Taking your life would be the most foolish thing you would have done.Because had it happen.The Father would have the child for 100 percent of the time.And you would have been under dirt.In my opinion you should seek professional help.Because you have very low self esteem issues.Please think highly of yourself.

  6. Killing yourself bcos child is around his new gf is pure bs…seems to me she is still inlove with bf and cant seem to move on..A CHILD DNT FOR A HUSBAND…MAN…. A BOY…WONT GUARANTEE HIM TO YOU….



    To those who think i may be insensitive idc…IF SHE WAS SUCCESSFUL IN KILLING HERSEL THE SAME CHILD WOULD STILL BE AROUND GF….THERES MORE TO THIS..love yourself more than anything or anyone….maybe this was her way to show SHE NEEDS PSYCOLOGICAL HELP

  7. This is senseless and selfish and yes she may be depressed but if she doesn’t want the child around the baby father, wouldn’t she be giving her the opportunity to raise her child? Is it that she is still inlove with the child father?

    Women be strong!

  8. Why are people so shallow these days? Who raised this woman anyway? They all need salvation. They eed to run the church altar and let the church ladies lay hands on them and cast out a few devils.

  9. Sending you some love and support and encouragement. One day at a time one step at a time and you can heal from this low TEMPORARY period in your life. Don’t lose hope. Seek support from loved ones. In time you will be stronger having gone through this experience. Take it day by fay and seek help. You can get thru this girl. I’m rooting for you and will be lifting you up in prayer before The Father.

    “He heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds” [Psalms 147:3]

  10. Honestly I ain’t judging but …. its seems as though she is upset because the guy has a new girlfriend not a matter of her daughter being around because killing herself clearly means that the child will be seeing the new girlfriend even more

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