Woman among two charged with latest murder


Police have so far charged two people in connection with the murder of 31-year-old Kemmoy Jeffers of Fort Road.

Clarence Ira Thomas, 63, and 29-year-old Raeleen Whynn both of Upper Fort Road, were jointly charged on Monday with murder. Immediately following the incident, they were both arrested and taken into custody.

Police are still in search of a third person in that of Earlsfield James, also of Upper Fort Road in connection with the said murder.

They are expected before the Court (today) Tuesday.



  1. Well damn! ANR can you please post a warning “WARNING: SCARY PICS AHEAD”

    Thanks for the update though.

  2. Very unfortunate that the devil brought these people trouble…..this would have killed someone

  3. Whoo- I know Wadada like forever, never knew he had such vicious heart.Did they catch the guy stealing or something? Still not justified. Brake his legs and call police.And the 29year old look more like 49,looks like she is having a hard time on planet earth.

  4. How they know it murder not self defense or drug O.D. Fastest autopsy in the history of Antigua. This “victim” was behaving in a violent self-destructive manner and may have done himself the fatal injury. Just saying. A toxicology report already available? Really?

    • Chups what u say makes no sense. They wouldnt charge them for murder if they didnt question them and put two and two together. Even a parked vehicle woukd bother that rasta man only his kids im worried for as they are still youngings but wrong is wrong whether the man crazy or not everyone has a right to live… they gotta go to court and tell their stories anyway so the judge will have the last day. As for the young lady shes a trouble maker to smh

    • Really?? I this another bash at the police force. If charges were not bought from this muder you would be cursing the police saying they not doing their work. Now they are actually working is something else. I swaer some of you who post on this site never have anthing postive to say. Always some negtive Foul. Could it be that the investigation gave the police reasonable grounds to charge these people for the murder of the young man??

  5. Raeleen Whynn?? By chance is she related to Natango Whynn who boldly proclaimed on ABS tv that Earlsfied James should contact him??

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