Antigua records 10th homicide for 2021


A 21-year-old woman is in police custody assisting with investigations into the country’s 10th murder since the start of the year.

It is alleged the suspect broke into a home in Piccadilly shortly after 9:30 Monday night and stabbed the female home-owner to death.

The deceased has been identified as Jane Finch.

The home-owner had only minutes earlier called the Dockyard Police Station to report that an intruder had broken into her home.

Police arrived on the scene, but the attack had already happened by the time they reached; the suspect was still in the house.

It is believed a knife and another sharp object were used to inflict the fatal wounds.


The Police are investigating the country’s 10th homicide after a woman reportedly broke into a house in Piccadilly and killed the homeowner.

According to reports, the homeowner, who was said to be in her 60s, had called a police station a few minutes earlier to report the break-in.

However, when police arrived, they found the woman dead and the 21-year-old suspect still in the home.

A sharp object was reportedly used in the attack.

The incident occurred around 9:30 pm on Monday.

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  1. Tragic
    People feel hopeless. People feel desperate. People feel afraid.
    The virus was the enemy but thanks to discriminatory restrictions and discriminatory mandates, people are the enemy.

    • Everything a Covid? Or related to the pandemic? People just naturally wicked and that’s it. The Devil a roam the earth right now and he knows his time is short so he is taking souls with a vengeance Rev 12:12. People just wicked.

      • correct, there are no excuses, just possible explanations, sometimes circumstances create monsters, sometimes monsters create circumstances

        both good people and bad people are going through alot (fear, anxiety, despair, desperation, anger, grief, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, mistrust, madness, distrust, denial, brain fog, demon possession, evil and plain ole badmindedness)

        dont know what was the motive in this case here but definitely wish evil did not prevail last evening…RIPJane

    Where is government? Where are the police? Where are the parents who should be raising their children properly? Where are the social programs to support the public in need? Continue in this direction and you are DOOMED.

    • Wait…Antigua is the only country in the world where murders happen? Point me to a country where….
      1) the government is present
      2) the police is present
      3) the parents are present and
      4) there are social programs
      ….and there are no murders….

      I would love to live there!!!

  3. May the soul of the dearly departed rest in perpetual peace.
    I hope we will hear an outcome of this heinous crime.
    To my senior citizens and to persons caring for senior citizens, it is time that we seriously look at how we can inexpensively burglar proof our homes. This has to start with making access to entry to our property more difficult. Botany can play a part there. I will not go into detail here for I do not wish to enlighten the criminals.
    The second thing is to look at access to the house itself and what can we use to make access difficult. I would suggest that investing a little money here is worth it, even if just for our peace of mind. Inner and outer burglar bars. If one can afford cameras, they have proven to be effective in some cases, however, your cameras should not be ‘for show’, arm them. Motion sensors in strategic places which emit high frequencies. Should all that fail again I turn to botany, keeping certain plants under window sills, placing traps in strategic places. We need to begin to fight back.

  4. One thing you can count on, Antiguans are never on time much less police. There is no urgency to save people in Antigua. God Help us all.

    • I always wonder how the police and fire department can quickly locate homes they are called to

      • You know, I wonder the same dyam thing! I once witnessed an ambulance drive pass the are where it should have gone to lend assistance.

        Why is not law to have all roads banned and all assesses have numbers that MUST be prominently displayed, is beyond me

  5. So sad indeed.
    Deepest condolences to the family.
    The heart of man is indeed becoming more evil.
    May Heaven come quickly to save this lost world.
    We are nearer to the end and the enemy continues to wreck the lives of vulnerable people. His deception and schemes bombard the atmosphere continuously and we fall prey to them.

    A mighty cry goes out to the people: God has set before us good and evil. He begs us to choose the GOOD. He will not (and NEVER WILL) force us to choose His way. The freedom of choice is one the best gift ever given to humanity. With that gift comes an awesome responsibility and accountability.

    We see the consequences of doing things our own way. The mess and tragedy our ways have brought. It is not difficult to see: just to look around and observe.

    Unfortunately, crime and violence will get worse and much more suffering is upon us. However, there is hope. We have to make the correct choices in our daily life. It is so easy to do evil, but it takes real, serious conscious effort to do the right.


  6. I wonder just how long the police took to get there. We have some of the most negligent and laziest police I’ve ever seen.

    • That is an unfair comment to the police especially since you have no facts yet. At least, you should give them credit to reach the scene before the perpetrator left plus they were able to apprehend the individual.

      • Totally agree. Let’s stop jumping to speculation and wait to hear first. We don’t know the full facts yet! Some people are way to quick to pass judgement. Let’s just post condolences to the deceased family
        and wait for the factual report. The report said the police arrived in time to catch the other person who was still on the premises, let’s be grateful for that. At least we’re not reading that a killer was on the loose.

    • So why don’t you become one, and become the example of change ?. All it takes is one stone to cause a ripple!.
      It’s always easy to talk and hurl criticism.

  7. Dear future murders the next time before u go and kill someone please be sure to call the police in advance and let them know what time place and date u going to do ur killing. Also be sure to inform the government as well. Make sure u give proper directions and provided a phone number email address as well as all social media information. Make u tell the officers what u wearing and how u going to kill the person.
    Signed Hard to Please Antiguan

    • I could hug you. Social makes seems to make experts of them all. Sad situation but what more could police have done….

  8. Jane Finch, a gentle, kind and fun soul from my youth. Why o why? Antigua has become rotten. My love to all Antiguans who are kind and thoughtful and precious. Please throw out the bad men and women no matter what it takes.

  9. I knew this lady from Facebook. I’m glad I left Antigua when I did. I wouldn’t feel safe anymore.

    I wonder if it was a personal issue or a young women with a psychiatric issue or was it an attempted robbery or something.

    Are conditions that bad on the island now in terms of people without enough to eat that crimes like this are happening? Was this about money?

    • Why don’t you say that she is just a damn criminal cause that is exactly what it is. Wickedness is all the world to include those big countries y’all love to migrate to. The current conditions has nothing to do with cold blooded murder smfh.

      • And neither do I.

        But it is unusual for a young woman to break into someone’s house and stab someone to death.

        So the questions about why are legitimate

        • I call BS if it was a man you would be singing from a different hym sheet. She committed more than one crime. She is a criminal and needs to be treated as one.

          • I’m sure the killer will be tried and convicted and given a long sentence.

            Still questions remain and it is very unusual for a young woman to break into a home and stab someone. So it’s natural to wonder what’s going on and why this happened.

            And certainly everyone living in Antigua should be concerned about why this happened so they try to prevent it from happening again.

            Jane was my Facebook friend and I’m in shock that something so violent and seemingly random and crazy could happen to her or anyone in Antigua really because Antigua always felt exceptionally safe while I was living there.

    • I’m sure where you live now is “immune” from crime. Good for you! Please post so we can all relocate. I live in the UK but would move tomorrow to your crime free country. Give me a break!

  10. This recent news makes me feel sick to my stomach. Jane Finch was a personal and close friend who did not deserve to be killed. I am worried for the citizens of Antigua. There are so many good people and yet all it takes is a few bad minded people to bring chaos and uncertainty to our island. We need to stand together and protect our island. We depend on tourism, therefore we need to keep our island safe from criminals and keep our island protected with a strong and more diligent police force as well as education for children of our future who know right from wrong. The government needs to help more and to get the reinforcement it needs to protect our people from everything from theft, murder, and including the pandemic protocol. To me, it looks a lot like Antigua needs to be sured up and brought to order in every possible way.

    • Antigua is not the only island or country that have cold blooded murder. People are just wicked and have a evil mindset. Some inherited from their evil family bloodlines. The sins of the fathers pass down to generations…bloodlines. Some generation might be miss because of prayers that breaks the yoke or generational curses.
      Who is this young lady parents? Where does her bloodlines come from?

  11. Gone are the days when all we had to worry about late at night were wild dogs chasing us home. The murder rate in Antigua is low comparatively speaking but even one murder is too much. Deepest condolences to her family.

  12. I think the police did a good job in catching the suspect on sight. Young women are now taking part in violent crimes and that is extremely shocking. We need to go back to capital punishment.

  13. I’m really sad & sorry for Jane. 8pm curfew; why was this girl out? where were the people who are responsible for her? It was not a robbery.

  14. I can’t believe this Jane your gone 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭, your son and I grew up together, this is going to break his heart. Where is the love? What’s wrong with humans these days? We have enough from Corona we don’t need the pile up, where is the PM to speak on these matters? Does no one know the Most High Yah any more. Feeling the cold shoulders, envy, hatred, etc coming from among the people. Father I pray that you will put your hands upon this nation of Antigua and Barbuda, it seems as if they are not hearing you .

    • It’s been 2 weeks since our dearest Jane was taken from this world in the most heinous way, while her beloved dog Groucho watching. I need to know if the PM or Police in Antigua have made a report of any kind on this ? What is going on , please ? Jareese must be there if not now , very soon. Has the Canadian Consulate been involved? I hope someone can answer me .

  15. first an foremost to those asking if police not patrolling after curfew, the answer is NO. the government knows that ppl will fall for the whole curfew trick and stay home so police would not be patrolling, its like once a blue moon you could look out at 1am and would see a police vehicle coming from someone’s yard. i dont study dem and dem retarted contolling protoccol cuz im not the same as them.

    secondly: thats how messed up the law is, you are expected to just make a report in which they never make effort to attend to the issue on time, its always after the crime happens and if you were to take matter into your hands to defend yourself they want to charge you for it

  16. Dear World,
    If someone you know is mentally ill, involved in gangs or drugs, get help for them or help them, and if all else fails turn them in. You could save a life. I’m sure the woman who did the stabbing has family and old classmates that know just how ill she was. She should have been off the streets.
    RIP Jane.

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