Woman Accused Of Killing Calypso Farmer Pleads Not Guilty


The woman accused of killing Carmona “Calypso Farmer” Samuel pleaded not guilty to murder at her arraignment in the High Court yesterday.


Elon Ketwaroo was charged with the capital offence days after Samuel was found dead at his home in September of 2017.


Police alleged Ketwaroo stabbed the 72-year-old in his chest during a domestic dispute.


Reports indicated the woman was also injured during the alleged incident and police recovered what they believed to be the murder weapon.


Ketwaroo will return to court in July for her next hearing.

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  1. She is quite right to plead not guilty. His reputation precedes him. I’m sure the police has a thick record on this guy and “women issues”


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  3. Never underestimate a women when she is provoked to anger……even if she is pretty as gold. Quite an unusual case cause in most situations, the victim is the female and the accused is the male. So many of these domestic issues these days that ends this way. Sad for both victim and family and the accused and family.

  4. A man who threatened to kill himself if she did not returnwords of his brother so just asking y his daughter brother and the lady with the supermarket do not come forward and help free elon for how the heart of man is wicked may God help this young mother to be here for her girls

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