With the Browne Administration, the Water – Including Money, Stimulus, and Investment – is Always Off, Quinn-Williams says


SOURCE: Real News

It is time for the Browne Administration to leave office, since the masses continue to struggle without relief or assistance being offered, says Pearl Quinn-Williams, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St John’s Rural North.

Quinn-Williams says the suffering experienced by the majority of the people is more than real; and adding to it is the daily refrain about the water being off.

The Candidate notes that water can be used metaphorically to represent money – which many residents are owed; stimulus; jobs; investment; and support, which are key components of relief and recovery.

These things, she says, are necessary for the survival and growth of local private-sector businesses and, by extension, our economy.

A UPP Administration will fast-track private-sector investment and development projects in order to spur employment and economic activity, Quinn-Williams promises.

It will also restructure concession arrangements to boost those available to smaller businesses, giving them a strategic advantage.

She says the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA) will be significantly empowered to attract more successful foreign investment, and this is expected to create well-paid jobs, according to the Party’s plans.

Meanwhile, Quinn-Williams assures the public that UPP Government Ministers will not be engaged in self-enrichment schemes, but will empower and work for, and on behalf of, the people of this country.

Therefore, Quinn-Williams is appealing to the Nation to make the right choice on election day and vote for a change with the United Progressive Party.

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  1. You are the DUMBEST woman in Antigua. No one listen to You and your UPP CRIMINAL ELEMENT’S. UPP DONE/ DEAD.

    • @Rupert: Move to head of the class. Pearl & the Idiots of UPP are all donkies trying run in a horse race. They need to understand that running a country is different than managing a little sweetie shop. UPP IS A FAILURE! WE TRIED THEM BEFORE AND THEY FAILED MISERABLY. NO WAY, WE CAN’T RISK OUR LIVES WITH THEM AGAIN…

  2. Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn you are yet to deny allegations of PISS POOR PERFORMANCE REVIEWS AT THE BANK. Why “early retirement” for the UPP Shallow Finance Minister??? Damani said you would make a good Finance Minister 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  3. As the Shallow Finance Minister, do u plan to also get in bed with the IMF??

    Any policy so that the average Joe can have access to Medical Benefits funds to cover medical treatment abroad, like in the case of the RAG-TAG HYPOCRITE???

    Any buses donated by South Korea to bolster our schoolbus fleet – will you permit your ministers to claim them as their own personal property?? (The Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌)

  4. Will you allow any butch hotelier to hoodwink you into holding on to our ABST???

  5. Well said Ms Pearl Quinn-Williams.

    Yes, Antiguans have suffered on the whole under this terrible ABLP government.

    Time and time again they have made a number of promises since being re-elected in 2014; and many of us didn’t expect the economy to take such a spiralling nosedive into the abyss.

    Antigua & Barbuda is now coming to a very important crossroads with an eminent General Election.



    Absolutely nothing will change if Gaston Browne is placed back into office.

    Yes, he’s trying to be nice now, but we all know he will revert to type – a snake 🐍 can always be dangerous, unless a mongoose deals with it in the correct manner.

    The crossroads is nigh upon Antiguans, and which direction do we take for the future of our children and their children’s sake?

    We have no-one else to blame if we get this vote wrong …

    • … furthermore, I like what you say about private sector investment initiatives.

      Our public sector is way to top-heavy. I’ve gone into government buildings and you normally see 2-3 people doing the job that one person can easily complete.

      UPP must promote the private sector and small businesses like their current “pull-up” community drives. Brilliant!

      • I will also add. Just look at my educated and erudite response to this thread, and now compare it to the unintelligible ABLP supporters comments.


        • @Brix define educated.. putter words together don’t make one educated … but in your case, it makes you would like a prostitute… like you getting more than hlfw dick what you that greedy or the fashion show have you looking at all the guys.. u start to cheat.

    • @ The upp whore … well-hlwf knee man …. we know a snake is always dangerous yet u guys have one in your party by name yet u have the gall to call people snake … and be careful how you use the word crossroads … remember .. upp level going there with obeah men …u try very hard to sound like an intellect but u always end up sounding dump… now boss getup off you knees let go off Harold tool u useful idiot.

    • I love this post but in listening to people speak, they really have little or no confidence in the UPP and their candidates. The majority of people who I’ve heard are only voting for them because they’ve always voted for UPP and have not really measured both parties. They just want their party back in power. That’s the reality of politics in Antigua and until that changes we will keep going around in circles.

      • I have to disagree with you @ Round in circles when you say:

        “The majority of people who I’ve heard are only voting for them because they’ve always voted for UPP …”

        People who change their minds and vote for UPP, mainly do so because of the many broken promises made by the ABLP, also never forget that they haven’t seen any tangible improvements in their lives and cost of living.

        As a former ABLP supporter, I changed my political preference, when as an Antiguan citizen; passport holder: and businessman, the Prime Minister Gaston Browne decided to exile me – and many other Antiguans, including the diaspora – from the country. Utter nonsense at the time.

        All because I flatly refused to have any of the Covid-19 vaccines.


        Sadly being exiled put a number of my fellow Antiguans out of work and out of pocket – I lost a considerable amount of money.

        But my business just about survived … however, many did not!

        I definitely do not fit your narrative about always being a UPP supporter. I don’t do generational voting (unlike the many ABLP clan who defend the Prime Minister come what may).

        I will always vote for a party by their manifesto pledges – and not their broken ones!


    BRIXTONIAN Why don’t you find a JOB and stop purging your vomit. Your work for a Senator is in vain.

    I hope BRIXTONIAN listen to BROWNE and BROWNE on Saturday on you heard the CRIMINAL ELEMENTS RAP sheet of the UPP.

    How the hell can BRIXTONIAN support a CRIMINAL PARTY ? He must be CRIMINAL Himself. I shall Him investigate soon. DUMB AR”””””SE BRIXTONIAN.

  7. “UPP have their FOOTS on Pearl neck”

  8. I rest my case to the above PUERILE and FATUOUS responses to my comments from those who can’t string two words together.

    Bwoy, you Gaston Browne acolytes can’t deal with an opposing viewpoint or constructive criticism. So amusing!


  9. @ Bixtonian maybe you should have been running.. you do sound much better than the joke candidates you want us to support. That’s make me know I’m better off where I am. Imagine you want Antiguans to support that dunce slate and want to insult others for supporting without a doubt the better leader because you want to play hypocrite.

    • Hmmm🤔, running as a candidate – I like that! I think I’d be great at putting the country and citizens first.

      Thanks for that idea @ ABS … DAMN I WOULD CLEAN UP AND KICK ASS 🐴

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