WIOC Blames Oil Leakage On Heavy Rainfall


The West Indies Oil Company Limited (WIOC), in a press release, explained the release of fuel oil from their facility was of a consequence of heavy rainfall.

WIOC expressed regrets as the unfortunate release of fuel oil from it premises along the Marble Hill Road had ended up in the drains leading to the Yorks community.

The release occurred as a result of heavy rainfall on the evening of Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

According WIOC, the rains were so intense that it caused a breach of in their
containment system such that they were unable to stop the flow from leaving the facility.

The outflow of fuel oil has stopped.

WIOC says they are  working closely with the Department of Environment (DoE) on the cleanup activities and ensuring that there is no further impact to the affected areas.

They expressed regret for any discomfort to the people of the adjacent communities and assured the public that they are giving this matter  top priority.



  1. Their explanation is not worth the ink is written with.

    A little rain and you have a breach!? That means to me that your system of containment is inadequate and most likely below standards!

    So what would happen is we had a hurricane?

    Pure BS and the company should be severely fined!

  2. If they have an oil water separator system setup there and it is well maintained, rain will not cause this. The maintenance department and management there need to do better. Blame it on the rain for their incompetence.

  3. With WADADLI MAN, I completely agree. Tell those B’S reasons to the goats in the pasture. NUTTEN TARL GO SO. So … what would have happened if there were a hurricane? Absolute nonsense…

  4. APUA blame drought for water shortage woes and now WIOC blame the rain for oil leakage

    One statutory body is ill prepared for rain and the other is crippled for lack of it. They both act as if rain is a brand new and unexpected phenomenon and there is no way to prepare for it.

    I wonder what they do in Trinidad with all those oil refineries and heavy rains. Questions

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