Winston Williams throws his hat in the ring for All Saints East & St. Luke



Not that long ago I presented myself to you, and reminded you of my story. I told you about my childhood of being adopted at the age of six years, my mother making the decision no single mother should have too, but wanting a better life for her son. I told you of my struggles at an early age with a speech impediment and how through pain staking care of my adopted family, worked with me to overcome it. I spoke of my involvement in the S.D.A church and how throughout my life its teachings have kept me centered and grounded. These valuable experience have prepared me for all that life have and will throw my way.

From my earliest days in the service of my community, Constituency and Country, to the steps of the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda. Ive stood with Prime Ministers, Presidents and yes Kings, but there is no better feeling than standing with you. Yes, we’ve come a long way and yet we’ve got more to go. I still believe in the promise of this our two Island Nation. A promise that we can be what ever we want. There is no mountain to high, no valley to deep. A promise that our freedom of expression and participation will never be compromised. I, after our first meeting still believe in that promise. Still believe that this Nations best days are still ahead of us.

It is because of that abiding hope and Promise that I once again present myself for service in the cause of National Development and Reconciliation, in the Constituency of All Saints East and St Luke, on behalf of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).

This is our time, this is our moment to layout a clear plan of action for the immediate development of the All Saints East and St Luke Constituency. Ths is our moment to harness our Constituency Resources in the best interests of all of our Constituents. This is our moment to develop a Environmental, Economic, social and cultural plan, one that will serve and provide stronger livelihoods for our people. A plan which uses as its foundation the coorpetative methods of each one help one. Where the next generation will build on the actions we take today. A plan that opens opportunities and present our Constituency as a modle for Rural Community-Led Development. A plan that puts investors both locally and internationally on notice, that while our Constituency is open for business and investments, the “Peoples Development Plan” must be the Red line by which our beaches, lands, coral reefs and human resources are to be used.

I still believe that through hardwork and sacrifice the Constituents of All Saints East and St Luke can pursue their individual hopes, dreams and aspersions, while at the same time come together as one family, one community, one people, in the hope, that the next generation can and will move ahead. It is that strong belief in and of this promise, that once again I present myself for National Service. This is a defining moment, this is the “Urgency of Now”, when we as a people, everyday people, students, farmers, Janitors, nurses, teachers, hotel workers, fisher folks and doctors stand together in defiance and protection of that promise.

Our challenges are great. They are many and they are real, but hear me when I tell you this, we will meet them, together, they will be met. We are a fearless people, but we are also a brave, compassionate and a generous people and we are BETTER TOGETHER.

Let’s get to work.

Winston Vincent Dickenson Williams Jr.
Prospective Candidate
All Saints East and St Luke
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.

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  1. “Winston “beg back” Williams”

    Although it’s not unique, it’s very difficult for turncoats to win in Antigua.

    • Not really. Melford Nicholas was OND, then UPP and finally ABLP. Dean Jonas was UPP and now ABLP. Turn coats are regular and normal these days. Win at all costs. If one party doesn’t do it, then try the next. Principle doesn’t matter anymore.

      • “Principle doesn’t matter” as seen of full display with the 3 buses gifted to the government of Antigua and Barbuda that ended up magically becoming the private property of 3 UPP poliTRICKans. You slid down the pole in Wilmoth Daniel bus???

  2. This clown again? Isn’t this the guy who had all them playground fencing allegations? Only this time this turn-coat is running for the ALP instead of the UPP? Oh, how easy it is to switch sides when it becomes convenient. Time for him to retire permanently from politics.

  3. What’s so special about this constituency??? So many people vying to dethrone the One Single Pringle? Are they trying to stop FUTURE PRIME MINISTER PRINGLE??

  4. Not one word about his political ideology and philosophy. Is he a supporter of Black Democratic Socialism, on which the ABL//P is based from the time of the founders. Is he a capitalist or a social democrat (democratic socialist)??? What “Presidents”, “Prime Ministers” and “KINGS” did he stand with? Pretty strong implication. ‘What are the FACTS? Just the FACTS, please. Name names, please.

  5. This man was accused of been corrupted by the ABLP and now he wants to run on their ticket . I heard the PM said Asot can never run as an ABLP candidate as long as he is the PM . Will Winston Williams be allow to? I guess when it is construction corruption it is ok . SMDH !

    • Mr. PM take my foolish advice…… Winston Williams would be a very candidate but Antiguans seems as though they do not forget the past…. Winston has left some stains behind when he was a minister under UPP tenure..
      His track record / relarionship with the All Saints constituency is very minimal. So Mr, PM if you Winston is the choice, make sure you get him into overdrive as of now… The constituents need to know who is…… There is no doubt that he’s a people’s man. A hard worker, down to earth & a very good caretaker.

  6. Everyone knows the UPP will remain in opposition for a long time under Harold Lovel. Anyone who genuinely wants to help the country over the next 10 years will need to work closely with the ALP or DNA

    reminds me of Asot running last election.

    Did HURST and sir MOLWYN not say he was corrupt and should be investigated?

    A who own the houses in Golden Grove?
    And the Apartment building on the back road?

    Somebody not taking their medication again.

  8. On the other hand if Daniel can claim his bus Winston can surely ride again……

    Will the UPP dare call him corrupt? LOL

    What will Pringle say to discredit him? LOL

    Who else ….??? 🤔💭

  10. The last time this looser was in parliament the ALP lambase him for the yasco debacle and he left in shame . Then he got a call from the top dawg whille in the bank line to draw off his last dollar according to him.

    He is now going where he think the money is so that he can also creatively enrich himself, like the one that use to write bounce checks all over the place not too long ago.

  11. You are a clown Winston William, you are just like Gĺaston Brown I will never vote for ABLP with the likkes of you and Glaston and other who decieve the people and rob this country of its revenues you bunch of idiots.

  12. You are sanitized Mr. Williams. Welcome to the creative enrichment party, ABLP.
    Never again will you have to beg me for a dollar.

  13. Winston Williams, you are a Spineless,Heartless,Gutless,man of straw. How could you and others say all of those nasty things about Gaston Browne and end up in his BED? You,will surely rise with fleas coming from the TAP DAWG BED.

    • MUD-MAN, Sam say to ask you if you still go by Sexy No. 1 house. He say to also ask you about antiman Biter when you were younger.

        • Ask MUD-MAN, he can tell you. All the chat he love to chat, Biter done make him a hen. Dem boy ah fish from long time.

          The other one that MUD-MAN use to lime by his yard is Sexy Number One and he can’t deny it. FISH!

      • @Green Bay Hill: You should know about me.I used to step over you while you were sleeping on the floor in Greenbay Hill.Your mother happened to be one of my many girlfriends at that time in The Mud.

  14. The 2 major political parties are cut from the same bolt of cloth. Neither has any underlying principle/philosophy that distinguishes it from the other. We need other options, or we will be doomed to continue choosing the lesser of 2 evils. That is, those of us who continue to participate in this God-forsaken process.

    Now the UPPites will have to choose their words carefully bcuz they stood with Winston during the fencing scandal. He did nothing wrong!! Molwyn pappyshowed himself all over A&B showing pics of Winston’s (fencing) deeds. After all the grandstanding by Molwyn, he and Winston may share the political platform. These people have no shame.

    Dis party; dat party; same pappyshow

  15. This must be an April’s fool joke. Not the same Winston Williams who was in the middle of the fencing scandal running on ABLP tickets?!

  16. IF the ALP selects this guy as their candidate then Mr. Pringle will win again (big time) and continue as the officially elected Leader of the UPP in Parliament. The supposed high moral ground this guy claims because of his religion and clean living is really sinking sand when one takes a closer look at his history. Chuups.

  17. Winston eyes has opened after he has personally experienced how the wicket UPP party treat their own. Trying to set him up to take the blame for the fencing scandal. Browne refused to go after him. Knowing that the man was only used as an escape goat. So much against all the protest of members of his own party Browne provided him with a job at CHAPA. Winston was very thankful and there were never strings attached. The more people see the wickedness of the UPP the more they run over to the ABLP. The only true all-inclusive party. Working in and on behalf of the people of this country. Welcome Comrade Williams. You made the right choice. And you have a lot to offer to your constituance.

  18. Really? 😳 How exactly was he scapegoated in the fencing scandal? If anything, Winston should worship the ground that Harold walks on bcuz Harold and Baldwin sacrificed what little principles they had to save him from jail.

    After pappyshowing himself all over A&B Molwyn needs to come clean (if that’s possible) and tell us why they co-opted Winston into their party as opposed to prosecuting him.

    Amazing how these parasites can jump from party to party without missing a beat. SMDH

  19. When will Antigua become a REPUBLIC ? We can learn from the mistakes Barbados is making.
    If we eventually rewrite a new constitution, we will need to remove all those outrageous EXEMPTIONS to our liberty that are written into our constitution. This is how they manage to mug us with their stupid COVID RULES.

  20. Winston Williams would be beaten into pulp by the voters of that Constituency. He would be lucky if he got his deposit back.

    • The distance from the top to the bottom of the pole in Daniel stripper bus which was PERSONALLY GIFTED to him by the President of South Korea 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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