Williams says he’s not pulling out of race against PM’s wife, senate president

Maria Bird Browne (file photo) plans to contest Rural East seat

An Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) hopeful in the St John’s Rural East race said he will not back out if requests are made of him to do so.

Neil Williams, who said he was asked to pull out of the St Phillip’s South race in 2004 by then prime minister Sir Lester Bird, said it is his time now.

Williams joins Senate President Alincia Williams Grant and Maria Bird-Browne, the prime minister’s wife, as contenders for the Rural East seat. A fourth person, Senator Shenella Govia, apparently withdrew her interest in contesting the seat.

Williams said he made a pledge to the party and not to any particular individual so if asked to step aside it is unlikely that he would.

“I think I have obliged the party in that regard once already and at this point in time it’s probably my turn to see this course through, and it is. Whatever the party would deem necessary in determining the suitable candidate for the constituents of Rural East that would be the final decision.

“The people of Rural East will have to determine and move away from all this sensationalism and the commotions that are going on and really look at themselves as to where they’re at, what they know of the three of us in terms of our candidacy and what we all bring to the table and make a more informed decision about their future,” Williams, who has worked with the party for the past 20 years serving as president of the Youth for Labour, a senior liaison officer between the government and the people and who helped to manage the 2004 election campaign for the ABLP, said on Observer radio.

Williams did not seem intimidated by the fact that he was contesting the seat against the prime minister’s wife.

He said the race is really against the prime minister and not his wife.

Williams, the site and project supervisor for the National Housing Development and Urban Renewal Company Ltd (the government housing project), has worked closely with former prime minister Sir Lester Bird, and is knowledgeable in finance, data entry and real estate.

He lived in Canada for many years and was arrested and served time in prison for a domestic dispute (a fight) there, at a time, he said, when Caribbean nationals were quite rowdy in Canada.

Williams has admitted that he made a mistake in terms of his conduct over 30 years ago, but said he had grown and is a better person and a model citizen today.

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  1. I tell you ALL …that Rual East seat hottt…..nd we done give it to Vere Cornelius….

    Yet there’s no movement on the ground yet….Campaigning starts NOW…..me hear ALP trying to buy off …..Vere…..

    I hear Ms. Maria came to Clare Hall and was disrespected…not good…Everyone deserves a chance …

    All the starlwarts of ALP Rual East campaigning team old n dun left Lester lannnnnnnnngggggg time…

    Maria you NEED. a team…. you NEED to set up a team of logical\social balance ppl ….not greedy illerate ppl that can be bought voters and they really dnt give a dammmm about community jus a few dollars …get a manager to help you navigate Rual East your husband n uncle ….alone isn’t gonna help you…

  2. Rual East have some strong contenders now…..being a Bird or PM lil wifey and your “pawpaw” letter bout wanting to serve country not gonna do it ……tek off ur high heels …rap up ur hair ….put on ur jeans n t-shirt n CONVINCE Rual East constiuents you care abt their everyday plight…..their community and the overall development ofthe constituency you want to be apart of …den mar fooley TRUST ….Dem will see through YOU……. And gee you wud to ur age ….

    Be more than a Bird and the PM’s wife….
    Get down n dirty cos you do have a fight on ur hands…

  3. You All Please Stop Using Monikers In Your Responses, To These ANR News Flashes! We Have Freedom Of Speech In Antigua! None Of The Political Parties, Will Victimize You! Be Brave, And Use Your Real Names; When You Voice Your Opinion! Maria Bird-Bird Is A Valid Candidate! I Fully Support A Woman 100%!📖📚🎓🌴

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