Will Mehul Choksi Be Deported To India?


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  1. Depends on who gets paid under the table and how much!!
    Its a jackpot for all involved….You bet. Hooray!

  2. Our legal profession is indeed smart….
    Despite the specific court having absolute jurisdiction over 6 Caribbean countries, they all will ensure nothing will be precipitated today and matter gets extended….
    The longer the better, for most obvious $$$$ reasons 😉

    No end game in sight…it is our fate as helpless citizen.
    Just sit back and watch the sham of a spectacle involving billion dollar scamsters and criminals, arguably in league with politicians, judiciary and the executive.

  3. One look at the no of politicians and officials involved in this Choksi case, makes it most obvious that there will be no hope of swift justice.

    The fugitive has massive pots of illegally-looted money (much more than our GDP!) from what I am told is a common-man’s govt bank in India, stashed all over, so not one of these pretentious side-kicks on his payroll will want him to be declared persona-non-grata.

    In fact, some of the folks, especially former AGs, senior lawyers and key opposition leaders appear to be shamelessly in competition to be on crook’s side!

    One can only pity the judge on the case.

  4. If this Choksi mega-crook is not deported to India, the key reason is the cancer of corruption in our society, be it in judiciary or executive or politics! Make me wonder if it is a colonial hangover from the French to the British!

    Selfish, notoriously corrupt and shameless politicians like Linton are an insult to Dominica’s Maroons that is so well illustrated in the “Forests of Freedom”

    • You blaming mr Linton? Really????? I know that you know better deep down. Then again when I think that Goebbels killed himself and wife and their 6, young kids to show his loyalty to Hitler…..sigh

  5. Avatar photo Margaret Williams 😂, what a thing. Who is his friends ? Saviour pilot me. Every dog gave them day. This sound interesting, but why Antigua ? People let sit back and see hiw this one okay out.

    What a thing. Who a his friend ? Former who? Look keep all you mouth 👄 shut. Look like a all them big shot and money man in his den.
    Look, I was wondering how some people nah say nothing. A wonder a who kidnapped him ? It must come out. Let’s all sit down and wait.
    Me can swear say Fe me daddy LB,or uncle J not
    in it. So me not going to cry when the puss jump out jump out the bag 💼. That puss will have all addition claws 🦞. Look show down.
    Antigua nice sweet like paradise, but when scandal start, it tun up 🆙.
    Only in Antigua , those shoes 👞 👠 👟 too big for my foot 🦶.
    NDP, Royal police , peoples court, am going to get a brownies bread 🥖 ( hot one ) with butter, chicken salami and cheese 🧀 with some ginger beer, tun up me radio 📻 or tv 📺, anyone when the fire and steel or and the observer and Hon Collin start. I can’t wait. Look story. Praise God , a NUH Jamacian name them calling. Me nah go surprise though if them nuh mix we up.

  6. He will be deported to Antigua first before being deported to India regardless of world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne wishes.

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