Wickham Poll conducted last week shows Rawdon Turner winning St. Peter Seat, PM Browne says


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  1. Hello, hello, hello, Prime Minister can you please run the country and stop this nonsensical tomfoolery (as you put it).

    I read the other day that pension payments were delayed again last month.

    Deal with that nah man, and update the pensioners on the situation, and also let them know if there’s going to be any more delays for the month of October.


    Your inaction makes the UK’S Liz Truss look like she have more sense than you – and that is saying something …

      • … and there you have it folks (as I’ve said time and time again on ANR threads), another uneducated ABLP generational supporter who cannot string two words together. Tarl!

        The well educated understand that when people try to attack you or your character, they don’t know how to put together a comprehensive or cohesive argument.

        Debate @ RUPERT MANN … that’s if you can!

        • … you’re another one who defends the indefensible actions by Gaston Browne – don’t you want our pensioners to receive their pensions on time?

  2. #HFWL is going to be a troll living under one of the bridges in city east. If he occupies the one on fort road then you might have to drive around runway bay when you are heading to first choice.

    • Lying gaston stop trying 2 use reverse psycology on Antigua people. We are not dunces.Gobels at work.

  3. Wow 😳😲 wow Wow Prime Minister GB I love it let me remind you that you will not be taking part in the election. Asot will but not you Remember this pretty soon you will be brought to Justice Choski matter will be hanging over you ok let’ me tell you this the pressure is on you this week you will be at your worse behavior We will be asking what’s wrong with you Make your change as to who will take over the leadership when the problem start Continue make the best of it You and DA PM it is a remind Choski rc

  4. Rawdon better look after his health.Peter Wickham is just like you Gaston, nobody want you both anywhere. Pack up and Go. ASOT HAVE YOU RUNNING SCARED.

  5. Is this the same Wickham who got it terribly wrong in the last elections held in St. Kitts, Grenada and St. Lucia??? Chuuupz…

  6. Still can’t get water in st.peters talking about winning an election my step father can’t get his social security money smh

  7. Who you prefer the Peter Wickham polls which is 99% accurate or the Obeah of 2014 who carry the entire U.P.P Candidates to All Saints Cross Road in the wee hours of morning breaking eggs….and predicted 17 – 0. And we know how that turned out. I will stick Peter Wickham.

    • Hey @ trump, this is pure hearsay. If you have access to the Wickham poll or data, please release it so the rest of us (especially the critical thinkers amongst us) can decide without all this gibberish, guff and gobbledegook!

      Again, pretty please …

  8. Peter Wickham, I listened to the way you treated a real Woman on your radio program in Barbados, last week. She is from Antigua. Your behavior towards her was despicable. Then you Wickham,wants to meddle into our Politics. I say hell no.We the people of Antigua and Barbuda do wish to be SODOMIZED, ANYMORE, by you and Gaston Browne’s Labor Party.After being beaten with a Bull-Bud.I hope you are thrown over Devils Bridge and swim your arse back to London or Bimshire.

  9. Heard that kleron Murdoch resigned from Observer Radio, very interesting. Knowing fully well that his X-boss is a candidate of the UPP and that the Gaston Brown lead administration did their very best to imprison or send him to jail he should have gotten clearance.
    Unless he is, as it turned out to be, not in need of the job and is such a big item that he runs the show and calls the shots or else. When ever a business or organization reaches the point whereby the employee becomes indispensable, the business is in trouble.
    This is election time and as balance as Mr.Murdoch and others try to be in the name of good journalism, which is my personal admiration for him and the host of the morning show it is too sensitive an atmosphere . I saw this happened in the USA. Fox went after Hilary with hook, line and sinker. MSMBC allowed The Donald, handed out of good journalism playbook and the end result was Trump in the White House.
    On the other hand when Serpent said certain statement about the Minister of Agriculture, his own radio station went over board to bury the guy. Even after it was discussed and repeated over and over during the entire week like a stick record Mr.Murdoch still made it the center piece of his big issues program that Sunday. Funny though, the young lady from the Wallings project did the same thing and worst, especially coming from a woman and none of the same radio host called her out.
    I do not think Lammin , Evergreen or the Collin could dear bring on Serpent on Point FM. On the other hand can Observer radio survive this hard stance, from a financial standpoint.
    Finally I saw this long in coming and do hope that the host of the morning show do not follow.
    I guess if this was not election season we would not even be having this conversation.

  10. He was very,very, upset when they called him a degenerate..
    He didn’t like when the speaker said there’s something genetically wrong with gay people..
    Why would a man love another man..think about it.
    Something is wrong with you!!
    Male and female He made us!!

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