Wickham Forecasts Regional Interest in St. Mary’s South By-Election


Pollster and political analyst Peter Wickham has emphasized that the upcoming by-election in the St. Mary’s South constituency will draw significant regional interest.

Wickham shared his perspective below:

“The reality is that over the next two years, there won’t be a lot of elections, because during COVID, everyone had elections, like the one we just had in Antigua, and the local government election in Trinidad and Tobago; those are the key electoral activities.

And I am very laser-focused on observing what’s going to happen in St. Mary’s shortly, because that will be the key political action in the Caribbean.

So, all eyes on you guys.”







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  1. A bi-election in one constituency will generate significant regional interest. Total BS! This person don’t know what to say, and have no credability. There is No regional interest whatsoever, and that is not even debatable.
    Regional interest comes about if this one election had the ability to flip who is the ruling party. If that was the case there would be some regional interest in the possibilty of a change in Government.
    Should ALBP win, the Government remains the same. It does not increase or decrease the Government’s abilty to get Legislation passed. The ABLP will have a slim martin of one; but it makes no difference.
    The Prime Minister Gaston Brown has a ironclad fist and control on his colleages, with no decention among the ABLP elected Member of Parliment. Resulting in a margin of one, being no different to PM Brown, as a margin of two, three or four. The status quo remains the same, he is able to function as a dictator under our systenm of Governmennt.

    Should Shugy regain his seat; why would any regional politician think any different from the recent General Election. What would be the big deal?
    If Shugy opponent wins; its not because his opponent is a better leader or any type of leader that will chake up Parliment. Heis likely to be the most timid and like a fly on the wall in Parliment. All it would say is that ABLP continues to have a better political machinery for winning elections than the UPP does.
    People across the Caribbean is interested in this. Yeah!

    I always felt this gentleman is selling snake oil. It was only a gut feeling. Now I know my gut feeling is bourne out.

    HEADLINE: People in the Carribean Region have significany interest in two buff guys going at each other politically?

  2. Peter Wickham please have several seats!!
    You come chat so you can earn your consulting fee 😉
    Every time there is talk about an election you come rearing your head!
    Gimme a break!
    Please hush!
    Go to the south of France 🇫🇷
    And enjoy your self you and your beau.🤔

  3. Ain’t that the truth!!
    Some people have no shame!
    Can’t you give us all a break and stay in hibernation…geeez!!

  4. The reason Wick-man is involved in Antigua politics.It is because we the people allows it to happen.There should be a bull-bud in Antigua with his name written on it.He comes into Antigua he gets one lash with it.He would then run his arse to Shirley Heights and jump off and swim his behinds back to Barbados.

  5. Wow wow wow This Fougotful Man you are correct that the bye Election a win for the UPP we will see a General Election be fore the end of the year or the same time Next Year the Prime Minister will not have no more bye Election in the other constituency he will lose. So yes a change of Government in Antigua and Barbuda will benefit the Caribbean more dialogue between Heads especially in regional transportation Liat will return to the sky no more Brownism

  6. A bi-elections in St. Mary’s South do not have any regional interest. Let me tell a few areas that have regional interest.
    1) The crime situation and movement of criminal , drugs and guns which are generally related.
    2) The hurricane season and climate change/ extreme weather conditions.
    3) Regional travel – As a region we need to deal with this situation right now otherwise we can forget about regional integration.
    4) Removal of visa free access to the develop countries- even our motherland.
    5) The strength of our economies.
    6) The región awaits CXC results, especially mathematics after the stealing of the papers. Must find a way to put a stopping to this.
    7) West Indian cricket- many still dream about West Indies cricket returning to its glory days. That is dwindling rapidly as the young and upcoming adult, even the players don’t know what it meant and how proud and united we felt.
    8) We pay interest when new leaders come to the front and seemingly doing well- Young Mitchell of Grenada, Dr- St.Kitts and the outstanding international speeches delivered by Mia Motley of Barbados.
    9) Haiti- a bit of attention, not enough. We get accustomed and accept what is happening in Haiti. At heads of government it becomes a talking point and immediately after a dead duck.
    10) The rise of any sporting team – Jamaica female football and Netball team – any athlete doing well on the world stage –
    We all own them . We all own Bolt. Now the females are doing us proud.

    Finally when this Bi- Election is over the results will remain like the general elections. It’s going to be Suggy. He is loved by the people and if he remains as he is now, we can have another Mitchell of Grenada. I hope that UPP is not afraid to jump at that breath of fresh air that Suggy brings the table. Charismatic!

    • @Frankly Speaking…besides, this By-Election in St. Mary’s South, #Mami_Wata and #Papa_Elegba’s rattling bones are showing, through the ether, the possibility of another By-Election before the next constitutionally due Election. Hence, the importance and significance, of this one in St. Mary’s South.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  7. This fag from barbados should go out to north coast hardware so he can be entered from round the back

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