LETTER: Wicked Gaston Browne & The ABLP 80 cents Minimum Wage

Prime Minister ofAntigua & Barbuda Gaston Browne

Dear editor, 

I am not surprised by this WICKED government with the announced 80 cents increase in minimum wage. 


This is so damn disrespectful to the highest order in this country. First thing in January Social Security will raise the amount AGAIN in contribution because of BOTH the current and past governments bad policy implemented.


Also, the poor and middle class, if that still exists, still can’t afford to buy food and pay electricity and water bills and they mean to tell only 80 cents we are worth. This 80 cents increase must be a joke, because by time the increase in Social Security happens next year, that 80 cents gone ah wussa.


Food has tripled itself in one year, and it seems like every week at the supermarket EVERYTHING is increased in price, and this WICKED government has the AUDACITY to come and tell people $9.00 is good enough.


It’s alleged that the recommendation/proposal was $10 but these WICKED government ministers see us as their slaves. Even $10 is still NOT enough but it would have been a good start. These are the same people who CLAIM they love people, but yet still Social Security going up next year and food prices increase weekly and its only 80 cents were worth.


This government at every turn and opportunity SPITS and releases FEASES in poor people faces at every opportunity they get. 


All Cabinet minister currently in this WICKED government makes well over the minimum wage, they don’t pay utilities, and even during the period of Covid-19 NONE of them took a reduction in pay, and its alleged that a certain minister/s in this government asked for a pay increase while poor people were struggling to make ends meet in this country, and they claim to love the people. One long dutty chups! 


I heard a clip where sweet mouth Benjamin committed to have the minimum wage committee meet every two years as required by law. Now keep in mind it took this government 8 LONG YEARS for the minimum wage committee to meet now we are on the very VERGE of an election where the ABLP will LOSE significantly and 80 cents is the best thing this caring government could come up with. I wonder if the RED COOL AID people from the ABLP are pleased with this announcement. 


Gaston Browne your time as Prime Minister is coming to an END and there will be NO coming back. You and your cabinet can continue to live the lavish lifestyles because your time as Prime Minister is coming to an END.  


Remember Antiguans and Barbudan’s, the ABLP minister only cares about their pockets and to further enrich themselves, so we need to vote to useless, self-enrichment vagabonds out of office as soon as the election is called. 







David Francis

Fed Up Citizen

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  1. Boss stop spin things and misinformation. The recommendation was not a $10 increase as you want to make it sound. What was recommended is that if there is an increase it could possibly be $10 an hour. Stop the spin.

  2. Tourism is a major earner in the Caribbean.. I’ve spent most of my adult life telling/advising and recommending Antigua as a holiday destination to anyone who would listen but to what end to help rich people get richer. Because the people who really run the country and tourism sector “the working ants” of Antigua and Barbuda are being subjected to awful living condition so the rich can have our paradise. It’s called Labour exploitation and approx $9 per hour in wage is horrendous. It’s criminal with the rising cost of living. Either you look after the people who keep the industry going or you help the rich get richer. Choose your side. Crime is rising because people can not eat or keep a roof over there head. As a Caribbean nation we are mostly god fearing and law abiding citizens but you take advantage of our good nature and Exploit our gratitude and desperation. How can you travel around the world seeing how other countries enable there citizens but watch us plunge deeper into poverty. Enough of your self serving attitude. Look after the people who quite clearly have looked after you. The wage needs to reflect and offset with the cost of living. Rise the taxes for holiday makers, big chain resorts and airlines. Also all All international companies and big corporations. Help people to help the country. Stop poverty NOW raise the national minimum wage to $27 ph at leat 3 times the current minimum and watch your people and country prosper. One for all and all for one.

    • I hope they are listening. And I hope they will do something better. How can they treat the people who really run the country so damn bad? . We are the workers, we need to be treated with respect. I don’t know how this Government I voted for can sleep at night, when plenty of citizens are going hungry every single day. We are working and still going hungry this an abomination.

  3. Shut the hell up. Bout spin. 9.00 is a disgrace and a slap Ina people face. Some a are u Noh k because a u good. Selfish set a people. You all don’t know to stand up for the betterment of all the citizens in this country. All of self. I am not hearing none of the better off people talking out about this disgrace of a minimum wage. No body k bout nobody that is why them can do as them like.

  4. I guess u are one who is been buttered 🧈 n have been taking care of by them why the 00.80c is not a bother to you whether 9 or 10 its still too small u are quick to stand up for the oppressors and defend the figures but not for the hard working people who are working our backs off and still finding it difficult for ends to meet……is it 80c S/security take, or is it 80c added to gas and food?
    It seems as if u are living under a cave or you’re blind well courts optical is having sale buy one get one free that way you will see clearly.

  5. This is the worst I have seen Antigua. Cost of living is sky high …. How can we live like this? It’s time for a change people wake up. The ex employees of Jolly Beach are crying, Liat ex workers are crying, the nurses at Mount St. John’s are crying, Government workers are crying, Pensioners are crying. Time to get them out of power. Am sorry Antigua are not like other Countries where you bomb up this and set streets on fire and kill the Prime Minister for promoting rashessness in the Country. Antigua gone gone. Those forced vaccine waittt…. If y’all eyes haven’t opened as yet y’all wait till there are more sudden deaths. You go to Ministers for help they can’t help you but when it’s near time for election here comes them with a thousand dollars to give. People wake up. It nah sweet no more.

  6. How much did Harold Live increase it by? Answer $0.00
    Errol Cort increased the minimum wage by $0.75 in 2006 and again by $0.75 in 2008
    Harold lovell was Minister of Finance 2009-2014 and he NEVER MADE ANY INCREASE to the minimum wage.
    Gaston has increased the minimum wage by $0.70 in 2018 and has now AGAIN INCREASED it by $0.90 in 2022.

    Harold Lovell TOO DAMN WICKED!!!! The IMF PUPPET is heartless!



  7. Stop the spin. There was no recommendation for wages to go up by $10.00 my educated people don’t buy into the spin by these #UPPNEARGA. The recommendation was for it to move to as high as $10.00 from the current rate. Even if the government had adopted the rate of $10.00 the would still be on its case. What I would be interested in knowing is what increase would you all #UPPNEARGA expected if you all jokey party was in government.
    First #UPPNEARGA to respond will get a red lolippp

  8. My people what is being played out in this farticle is the fact that you have to be careful with the spin these desperate #UPPNEARGA will put on things. Keep your head on. In know way in heavens can UPP give any increase of $10. They are just playing on your ego and making false expectations.

    • @ Just Saying – why don’t you just shut up? Obviously you are ashamed knowing you cannot defend the indefensible.
      RED DEAD.

  9. Why CANT We Get Along
    Why PITT the WEAK vs Strong
    Why Rave? WHILE War we RAGE
    …if You Fix before u Break
    Love more than you Hate
    Give before You TAKE
    Whatta Wonderful World to Emnrace

  10. For those who are singing for their supper and only care about their leader. The clown led administration made more money because of the CIP implemented by UPP but still their is no relief.10 years ago with a salary of$320 could buy more food to put on the table than $500 can buy right now. The gastonites are some bum lickers that are very dishonest. Social security didn’t increase under UPP but under ABLP
    Although the minimum didn’t increase we had more spending power.

    Government workers got an increase under UPP but they haven’t seen any under this wicked and selfish Government.

    We criticise personal income tax which was a tax where the wealthy could help contribute but the poor who wasn’t paying was complaining, We have to use wisdom and not be foolish

    Tax has increased tremendously now and those same complainers are quiet for a pack of rami noodles because their party in power.

    We need to get civilised and remove any Government that refuse to look out for the best interest of the people, if this wicked administration go back in power ice pop is going up to $7. Fruit bag $15 vita malt $25 noodles $16.50 while they look to put $3000 on their salaries.

    I know some people have the mentality because of fore parents support red til they dead they want to adopt the same mentality, which is not logical. Red is Dead! RED IS DEAD!

    Let’s work together to remove this most corrupt administration A Bunch of Lying People(ABLP)

  11. This is a disgrace and a slap in the face . $9.00? Food,gas, increased taxes, mortgage, rent,school fees. . Wicked government..#RED DEAD…

  12. Since when did it become the finance minister decision to raise the minimum wage?

    Idiots, the final decision to raise or not raise the minimum wage is a decision of the entire cabinet.

    So it was the entire a.b.l.p. cabinet that decided not to raise the minimum wage for near to 8 years a**h***s.

    Remember, things were good and good up to 2019. The liars even said we were seeing records upon records in the country’s economic performance, yet, no increase in the minimum wage.

    Gaston right to p**s on some of are you. You all are so dumb.

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