WIC News buckles under pressure from AG. Removes ‘EXCLUSIVE’ article


WIC News has buckled under a threat of legal action from Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin over an article it published on Thursday.

The article — EXCLUSIVE: A look at how AG Benjamin keeps fugitives safe in Antigua and Barbuda — has been removed by the website.


This is an obvious malicious endeavour that is politically motivated and groundless in fact”.   That’s the robust response of Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin, Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Legal Affairs, to an online publication today.


The Minister has taken swift action in defence of himself, his public office and the image of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda.  His lawyers have advised the publishers of WIC News that the story must be removed from its website and an apology issued or immediate legal action for libel will ensue.


Among the false and defamatory allegations, the WIC News story stated that Minister Benjamin “broke a deal with a wealthy businessman by providing safe heaven (sic) in exchange for a regular inflow of cash as protection money”.  The Minister responded that “this malicious libel will be met head-on, if the publication does not remove the story and apologize.  Should the publishers wittingly or unwittingly, continue to participate in this political smearing, I will not hesitate to invoke all legal measures for remedial action”.


Minister Benjamin also stated that “Antigua and Barbuda has a legal system, not controlled by any one person.  Moreover, there can be no evidence to substantiate the allegations, because they are blatantly false”.


Stating that he has always advocated a free press and has acted as Attorney-General to preserve and protect this right, Minister Benjamin note that the “WIC story is not representative of a free press, but of political scandal mongering that demeans journalistic standards”.


“I have given the publishers of WIC News a fair opportunity not to be used as a political football and to act properly.  I sincerely hope they will do so, or necessary legal action will be taken”, the Minister said.


Benjamin added that “I am taking the matter to court in England and will be seeking substantial damages. The Extradition process is governed by the Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

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  1. Damage done already. That is what these bad actors are all about. Put out a story. Make baseless claims. Have enough people reading it, then remove it and make an apoligy. meanwhile damage is long done. Cutie should still sue them for libel and let them feel it in their pockets. Reporters have to have some accountability when they defame people’s character without having the evidence.

    • I agree with you 100%…Do like what LLoyd is doing the newspaper in GT….take them to court dont accept no apology or retraction…..

    • I agree with you. He should still sue them. This is not just about Cutie, but also about our country’s name.
      Sadly there are some power hungry people in this country that love to see and likely contribute to these articles. I hope they can be found too, and face the consequences of their lies.

  2. At least Cutie knock them good. They will think twice before printing trash like that again. Cutie, you did the right thing.

  3. When the converse happens, the regular joe cant find a lawyer to take on ministers who orchestrate documents to get rid of those who expose them

  4. Before Keith Rowley became the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. He called into Observer Radio Snake Pit Program on a Saturday afternoon. He alleged that a Lawyer in Antigua was involve in some sort of hanky panky. It had to with lands in Hatton and a person and or persons in Boston, Massachusetts. I am now wondering. Who was that Lawyer and or Law Firm involved. Could someone please tell me.

  5. Ministers here in our nation are seldom ever above board.

    In fact most are guilty of underhanded dealings and blatant bribery especially when it comes to votes.

    • And since you have the proof you need to present this, rather then making baseless statements. But I guess talk is cheap and you can run your mouth as you want as long as you do not call any names. if you want to see corruption, just look at the big USA. They just ended the last four years as the most corrupt years ever all the way to the top. And this is not me just saying. The investigations are numerous into the President and all his men. Look at his lawyer Rudy. Home and Office raided by the FBI something which was not possible under Trump.
      But ofcourse you have a lot to say about our polticians without any proof

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