Why Use Table Runners in a Trade Show


Are you worried about how to draw the attention of potential customers towards your shop in the upcoming trade show? Are you looking for something that would stand out and upgrade your booth to a good one from a mediocre stall? Well, all you need to keep in mind is the things you are using to put up the booth. In general, we see people using a table to display the products they want to sell. Also, a banner is seen at the back wall of the stall that has all the necessary information you want the people to have access to. Since the table is the main piece of furniture you would be using in the booth, the cloth that you would use to cover it can have some variations. You can use an attractive and unique runner to grab the passerby’s attention.

Creating a good impression

Creating a good impression through presentation is very important, especially in a trade show. People will be eager to throng to a particular stall if they find it interesting enough to spare some time. And that, in turn, will draw their attention to the products you want to sell. They need to have a proper understanding of the products and what they are all about. Using a customized table runner can make your task easier.

Give importance to the details

By now, it is clear to you, using a printed table cloth to cover the table is not enough to win the show. To increase the footfall, you have to have that nobody has. Since you have limited access to things that you can use to improve the appearance of the booth, you should take full advantage by using runners for the table. Small details matter. So, try to invest some time to figure out what exactly you want to include in the runner (as well as in the banner or stickers if you are planning to use them too) that would please the eyes of the people. At the same time, you would have delivered the requisite information that they need to know about your product.

Why a runner is a safe option

A runner can be used in many ways and that’s what makes it versatile. When it covers the front side of a table it gives you a broader space to portray every detail. However, you can use the entire length of the table. But in that case, if you have put your products on display on the table, then they might cover some significant bit of information.

To avoid unnecessary hazards

People are most likely to carry a glass of cold drink or their choice of food in their hands as they roam about the trade show. While visiting your booth, they might have to put them down on the table-top to inspect your products. This may lead to spilling but a runner can save your day.

Very convenient to use

When it’s time to wrap up everything, a vinyl runner can be easily folded in no time and kept in a bag. If needed, you can also use it for future events. They are easy to store and also washable, thus making them convenient to use.


Many times, you might have noticed that though some of the stalls in a trade show have good things to showcase, they fail to engage the people as they lack a good sense of presentation. So, be careful and try not to be one of them.


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