Why Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is “pissed off”


(Caribbean News Service) A deeply disturbed Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Friday said he is “really, really pissed off” with certain elements in the country who are seeking to undermine the future of the Dominican people.

At his daily media briefing the Prime Minister called on those who are using social media and other methods to spread false information to stop it.

“This talk about food supplies and partisanship with food supplies and politicians are the ones dealing with the delivery of food supplies – this is total nonsense,” a visibly upset Skerrit said at the briefing which was carried live on social media.

“As the Prime Minister of this country, I sleep on the floor. As the Prime Minister of this country I bathe this morning from a bucket of water. I don’t need corned beef, I don’t need sardines, so where the hell am I going to put corned beef or stock up sardines at my home or anywhere else.”

Skerrit explained that while supplies are coming in, there are limitations in terms of places to store the supplies in communities because every single home got damaged in the country.

He further outlined that the distribution of supplies is being managed by the international aid agencies in the country.

“People who are seeking to undermine the government’s effort of bringing relief and bring aid and bringing restoration of services to our country need to stop it,” he said.

“We can’t be going out there on social media, on the radio and elsewhere and making these unfounded, baseless, malicious allegations. It’s not going to hurt me and this thing must stop. Because it’s really pissing me off that there are people out there talking a bunch of nonsense about food supplies … which all of these attempts are geared to undermine our efforts. This damn country has been destroyed. It’s been devastated. Schools are destroyed and people are out there talking a bunch of nonsense about food supplies and political interference.”

The Prime Minister said his mandate is to ensure that this country has adequate supplies to get to every single home and every single individual in Dominica.

“This is really, really pissing me off and I am very upset about what some people are doing in this country. We have to stop it. There are people ‘bussing’ their asses out there seeking to bring a better way of life for our people,” he said, adding that “the only people who will be affected by this are the most vulnerable in our country, the people whose homes have been destroyed, who do not know where they will be sleeping tonight, the people who do not know whether when Monday comes if they will have a job, who do not know how they are going to pay their mortgages.

“I am telling you I am really pissed off and I have not gotten pissed off since the hurricane but this nonsense must stop. What the hell, we have to stop it. Do we want to wake up one morning and have no government in place to run this country?”

Skerrit said he will address the nation tonight to give a full update on the relief efforts thus far.

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  1. Great speech Mr Prime Minister i’m supporting you 100% keep the Faith PM
    Don’t let the destructive people upset you.

  2. My Mother used to say all that in the show. Just continue to do your best in the end your work will speak for it self. More strength and patience to you and your staff and all the people who are affected .

  3. I feel your pain Sir. Same Problem here. Yap, Yap Yap, nay, nay, nay. Hurricanes and devastation don’t change people. Still have to look recognition.

  4. well its what he himself has fostered in Dominica that he is reaping right now after hurricane Erica hit Dominica he and his cronies did exactly that all there followers got loads of the aid supplied to the country people who were never affected by the storm got so much of the aid sent to Dominica. now people in Dominica seeing all this aid coming into the country and there neighbour who is a labour party supporter getting so much food and water and then the grandmother down the road cannot even get a corn beef to put in a bread to eat. its what you have done in the past that is coming back to haunt you. when people of the Roseau south constituency cannot get anything ( a workers party seat ) and only labour party supporters in that constituency have gotten stuff on numerous occasions.that is what you have sown and that is what you are reaping now after 20 odd years in power you have been playing the people of Dominica for far to long now it is coming back to bite you. to bad is the people of Dominica that have to pay for what you did to the country

  5. Wicked, malicious and power hungry even in time of crisis. Evil bellies! PM continue to do what you’re doing. You’re the best leader and I’m behind you 100%.

  6. I am in absolute agreement with my Prime Minister. He is so concerned and feel the pain of his people and the country. Prime Minister Skerritt you are fanned right to expose those elements of selfish vicious wolves seeking to harm the country instead of helping and putting their money where their mouth is. Shameful behavior.
    Mr Prime Minister God is with you all the way. Blessings and Peace to you and your family.

  7. I’m a very proud Dominican who feels very proud to have Roosevelt Skerrit as my Prime Minister. I’m not at all interested in the scurrilous remarks made by idle minds about my PM. I am confident in his ability to lead as he loves Dominicans & Dominica. He’s very selfless and has the minority of Dominicans behind him. May God continue to bless him. May he be covered by the precious blood of Jesus 🙏🏽🇩🇲

  8. The prime minister wants to get all the praises. It is not about him it is about the nation. The people of Dominica voted for him and look at the way he is treating them. He is not the only one sleeping on the floor. At this present moment all Dominicans are. The way he spoke is not acceptable. My mum is 83 years old and she has not received any food. The language the prime minister used was appalling. He is the prime minister for God sake and why is he using such words like the one he use. The whole world is watching. So many people had called me and said why is the prime minister is so angry I gave only one answer the truth hurts.

  9. We have just come back from delivering supplies from many people here in Antigua. It was an ondeck yacht and we had a lot of stuff to take and it was well received in Roseau (last week we went to Portsmouth)
    The aid effort in Roseau looked to be very well run. We were very proud of our pile on the dock but then you see the scale of the effort with big coastguard boats, warships, Tropical Sun bringing it’s cargo and then helicopters leaving with a load every few minutes to go to the remote villages. It is hard to see how this would be distributed on partisan lines.

    I am sure there are still thousand needing help now and for the next months, but I was impressed with the efforts

  10. You are in my prayers PM .I know you are trying your best .Just ignore the dragon of negativity .That dragon is getting energy from people who do not know better .Focus on the good things that you are doing and God will continue to help and guide you .
    When you feel down – hearted just remember that ungrateful people did worst to the son of God .Keep the faith .Dominica will rise again .

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