Why Online Sports Betting Is Popular In Asia


Asia is home to several tourist destinations with a vast and diverse culture. The Asian cuisine, landmarks, and coastlines are popular all over the world. Asia also leveraged on the advancements in modern technology and the countries in this continent rode the wave of embarking on a digital footprint. With everything now easily available on the web, even online sports betting has already been popular in Asia.


Even before the birth of the internet and the digital world, the countries in Asia already practiced the act of placing wagers between two teams competing. Thus, it can be noted that sports betting is already intricately part of the Asian culture. Bets can be placed on any sporting event because it tends to add a little more fun and challenge in the game. This is the reason why almost all sports fans place a wager on their sports team at some point in time. Over the recent years, the Asian market for online sports betting has become one of the largest in the world. While the number of active bettors plays a huge part in this statistic, the size of the bets at stake contributes to this too. Additionally, the odds and betting options, in general, prove to be better compared to other regions.

Asian Handicap Betting

In Asia, the most common sports betting is the Asian Handicap betting, which tends to eliminate the draw in a sports game. Asian Handicap betting is applicable to a wide variety of sports such as hockey, but it remains very much popular in football and soccer. With this betting, games are more balanced regardless of the varying abilities of the team favorite and the underdog. As a result, more competitive prices for wagers are allowed compared to other regions of the globe. Nevertheless, over time, this type of betting also became popular in other continents such as Europe.

Western Influences

While sports betting is already part of the Asian culture ever since time immemorial, the western influences only strengthened this, making it more popular even for young adults. Because sports betting is continuously gaining popularity, major operators opened their doors in sponsoring premier teams. Master88, SBO, Mansion, and 188bet are some of the major operators that locked in sponsorship deals specifically for the Asian market. Nevertheless, even with western influences, online sports betting is more popular in Asia because there is commonly a greater chance of winning because of lower margins compared to European or western counterparts. This is because instead of taking a position on individual outcomes, online sports betting in Asia tend to look for the small tweak in between the shifting prices.

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To wrap things up, Asia is a continent rich with culture and amazing discoveries. What the rest of the world fails to consider is that it is also growing, technologically with almost all countries in the continent riding the tides of modern technology. With everything now accessible through the touch of your fingertips, even online sports betting is continuously gaining popularity in the region.