Why Is Gaston Browne Smiling??

Prime Minister Browne leaving the United Nations after fruitful discussions and a number of productive meetings. He is seen here with Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mr. Tumasie Blair.

Letter: Why Is Gaston Browne Smiling??

Dear Editor,

I saw a photo recently taken of Gaston Browne at the United Nations (UN) in New York. Why is he smiling? Does he realise how sick and fed up the people of Antigua and Barbuda are with him and his Cabinet?

This government makes my back hurt. This government gives me migraines. This government gives me indigestion. Their incompetence gives me pain in the back of my eyes. The Lord sends trials and tribulations but this one is too much. I can’t take much more of Gaston Browne’s government.

Does Gaston Browne not realise how much of a failure his party is? The Labour Party has mismanaged this country for more than six decades. And the way ravenous Browne behaves, we might as well rename Antigua to Gastonia, and name him Emperor. Emperor Gaston I, the Inept.

The place is filthy. Every public space is ridden with bush and moss and gutter filth. The capital is a complete mess. It is unfit for us as people. We look a third world backwater. Water and electricity are still unavailable to us consistently. Legal reform and modernization is dead under Do Nothing Benjamin.

And the economy is as stagnant as the nasty water that settles in the nation’s bush-clogged uncleaned gutters whenever it rains.

The Labour Party is a philosophically bankrupt institution. Their core value is back scratching, patronage, and rewarding their members.

They have zero vision for this country. Their economic mantra for 60+ years has been to build hotels. That’s it. That is the sum total of their understanding of economic theory: Build hotels and everything will be fine. It is a proven failure, and yet still, they will not stop.

How do hotels owned by foreign magnates and local expats catapult working class Antiguans and Barbudans into the middle class? Do the majority of hotel jobs pay middle class salaries and wages???? If the answer is no, then it means you are creating employment that will keep people in the lower class.

Still, they will not stop. No matter how much coastline is consumed by ravenous starry-eyed investors, they will not stop. They will not stop until all of Antigua and Barbuda is encircled by mega hotels owned by foreign investors or expats.

They will not stop until every ambition of every young Antiguan and Barbudan is expunged and replaced with the Labour Party mantra: Party Before Country. Parry Before God. Self Above All.

The brain drain in this country is staggering. Every generation sees hundreds who see absolutely no point in staying here to build a life in this depressed economic, stagnant sociopolitical environment.

And the people who are here – the ones that aren’t sycophants, desperately looking for an ass to kiss – are totally exhausted and disillusioned.

So why is Gaston Browne smiling? Is social security in good financial standing? Do we have a vibrant economy with investment into a diverse range of sectors? Is the issue of young offending and delinquency being adequately addressed with a cooridanted state and community partnership? So why is he smiling?

Housing costs are outagous. Building costs are outrageous. The mix of available space for renting and leasing is poor. Urban planning for better communities is a joke. The DCA is a nonentity. Our environmental record is tragic. But he keeps smiling. About what?

Meanwhile, he and his party position themselves to suck the life blood out of the country until Antigua and Barbuda is a husk. They are vampires, all of them, a party of bloodsuckers.

So, why is he smiling? I am sick to my stomach of this revolting man. The Labour Party has stolen so much potential and so many years from Antigua and Barbuda.

Sincerely, – Ernest J. Farfingbottom


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  1. In case you didn’t know, Mr. Farting-Bottom, the majority of the people in Antigua and Barbuda elected the Labour Party to government. They won the popular vote AND the most seats in the last general elections.

    I suggest you go see a doctor for how sick you say you are. A psychologist and a psychiatrist might be what you actually need because it appears that you are suffering from a cacophony of mental maladies.

    • I agree. I wouldn’t say I like the current party, but at the end of the day, the majority vote was ABLP, so to complain when you put them there is mind-boggling.

    • Who boasted that there was voter transfer in the last election to favour the ABLP? Please remind us. What a way to ‘ win’ the popular vote as you wrongly stated. This is a form of gerrymandering which you appear to be proud of. Instead of spouting hot air and bilge, why not refute the author’s charges? You can’t, of course, but have a try if you’re not the belly-crawling cretin you certainly are.

    • @ Wash Basin: Your ABLP did not win the popular votes in the last Election.They did indeed win the most seats but not voting counts.Why is Gaston Smiling? Perhaps he has some personal gifts coming into his assets.See what Menendez of New Jersey and his wife were both charged with.He resigned as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee,today.They are greedy and selfish,prison cells await them.Cannot wait to see them shackled by hands and feet and walking from the Court in St Johns to Prison.

    • @Wash an’ Basin…
      OK, Mrs/Mr/Gender Neutral/Trannie, please do Independent thinking Antiguans and International readers a favor, please; when, you take you head from out of your political mentors ass, please #wash your face with carbolic soap, in #A_Basin to remove the stench which is coming from your mouth, Wash an’ Basin(we know water potable water is not always readily available coking through the faucets), so please avoid using your ABLP leaders #Stale_Piss(leave that for the #OBEAH_WORKING).

      ABLP won the General Elections of 2023, yes but they did not WIN THE POPULAR VOTE or THE MAJORITY OF LEGAL VOTES CAST!

      Let’s go to the calculator…

      ABLP = 20,052
      UPP =19267
      A difference of 785!

      Now, Mr/Mrs/Trannie/Gender Neutral #FARTING_MOUTH aka Wash an’ Basin, HOW MUCH VOTES DID THE INDEPENDENTS RECEIVE, was it zero(he dun dead), was is naught, 666, or 2202?
      How much did the National Democratic Alliances receive?

      Now, TALLY(not the slave master’s #tally_stick, invented to save the British Coffers from a Coffin⚰️and a watery grave Centuries ago), but TALLY ALL OF THE VOTES CAST, as they were distributed amongst the various political parties and independents!
      If you Wash an’ Basin can come to this forum and call me Vere Edwards a #Farting_Bottom, as you referenced in your above comment.
      Let me know, #WHO’RE you, and I’ll definitely call you, a POLITICAL PROSTITUE who thinks all INDEPENDENT thinking Antiguans have their heads stuck up politicians assholes.

      ANR may not post this, but that’s fine, since, #bitches abound in our Nation.
      Hey…it’s time to vibe on some TUPAC, as I set my Chrysanthemum Garden in place, to feel the balance of nature’s #flora_N_fauna!

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  2. I read this article and wonder where are the solutions to every criticism made?

    Things might be true one way or another in any country but solutions and suggestions should be made also.

    A dirty city or any part of a nation in my opinion does not speak of a government it speaks of the people mindset in the country.

    I don’t smoke or drink but sometimes In front of my yard and even inside I would wake up and find bottles and cigarette packets in and out. Is it the government??
    A big NO it’s evil low minded people who do not care two hoots and its the same in the city and around.

    While solid waste and CBH are responsible for collecting garbage and waste that’s doesn’t mean people should just loosely do what they want and litter.

    Solutions are needed.

    My suggestion is people need to be proud of keeping their surroundings clean and the city clean. Do not litter. One of my suggestions.

    Stay blessed

    • Is it the mindset of the people when we have refuse stored on our properties for two weeks before some of it is collected by Solid Waste ? What about the large gutters in St.John’s and its environs and craters in the roads that are all filled with effluent that are seldom ever cleaned; I suppose that is the mindset of the people too. I think that you need to present some solutions.

  3. Why is he smiling? I’ll tell you.

    He believes he is a big shot influencer on the UN scene. He thinks he is so important and the people there think he is a big thing. They don’t know him apart from the lies he told them and his posturing with them.

    If they only know about him and the awful way he governs his people, they will drop him instantly. I can imagine hearing him boasting to them about Antigua and them drinking it in.

    I can hear the invitations “why don’t you come down for a vacation? You will be my special guest at my seaside villa. We will go sailing on my superyacht Alfa Nero”.
    Look at him. The country is suffering but he is like the commercial Shringrix.

    He just does not care.

  4. @WashnBasin,check your facts. ALP did not win more votes in the last general election. UPP won the popular vote and inspite of the 50 million ALP spent, they barely scraped through. This explains the idiot Dawg’s obsession with SMS.
    You had no rebuttal of the facts stated here,no refuting of the numerous failures,but, as is so customary for Labourites or Gastonites, you go into personal attacks and mudslinging.
    Not only is Gaston Browne the worst PM ever, the man is an economic dunce. It is my guess the this idiot is the most despised person in Antigua and Barbuda.
    He will not be PM forever. When he is ousted, let the investigations begin a laTrump and Imran Khan. We have him on recordings that he’s worth 30 million and no politician salary accommodates that.
    Tic tock.

    • @Watching…. You are incorrect. In the 2023 General Elections, the ABLP got 20,052 votes while the UPP got 19,267 votes. The ABLP therefore won the popular vote.


    Come on people, two terms of UNACCOUNTABILITY and vast ACCUMULATED wealth during his time in office without being taken to task about both.


    I’d be doing cartwheels, somersaults and shoe shuffles …

  6. This writer is right in his assessment. You see, government matters and government decisions matters even more, and this current administration has made some real ill advice decisions over the past 4 years that are hurting Antiguans drastically. They have made some terrible decisions with COVID and the economy, they have made some terrible decisions in the direction they choose to go by implementing lock downs and curfew that led to the gas bombing of citizens protesting their God given rights to self preservation by demanding their rights to freedom of movement while not taking the vaccine. They made some terrible mistakes with the Alfa Nero, the immigration fiasco with the Nigerians. They made some terrible mistakes by allowing the Chinese to build the port.
    These are just some of the decisions that are affecting the economy along with the failed projects of trying to resurrect failed hotels instead of investing in the city where hard working Antiguans work and do commerce every day.

    So while some on here may ask for suggestions instead of criticism, how about just make better decisions as a government, how about that?
    Since COVID we well know this is not the time to make mistakes, we can’t afford to because of how fickle things are, so it is imperitive that you get your decisions right from the get go, and this government has failed on too many fronts, and each horrible mistakes they make further push Antigua behind the 8ball.

    So yes, I have no issues with this writers assessment of this current government, none!!!

    • Gaston need r page out of PM Mottle of Barbados. Wat r great leader. St Kitts an Nevis also have r great leader, Gaston can’t see or learn nothing.

  7. He’s smiling cause he’s thinking
    The world is mine!!
    The world is my oyster!!
    I’m living large and I’m in charge0
    That’s why he’s smiling

  8. What might look like a smile is really Gaston shi**ing in his pants. Is time to call the election in St. Mary’s South. At first he said Shugy’s resignation was not proper. Then he recruited the weakest link in Shugy’s team. Now he is running to sugar cake every road and paint every government building in St. Mary’s South. But the clock is ticking and us only so much BS one man can produce. He may be skinning teeth, but is the pressure he feeling. There is no joy. I hope the press ask him about YIDA. The 7th wonder of the world. Time for Gaston to go!

  9. Gaston will continue to grin because his ability to win elections is the only yardstick he uses, and with some validity. Until the opposition can get things going to overcome enough of the grift and gift politrics, he’ll be soon laughing with a deep belly guffaw.

    • Lester, this is why the by-election in St Mary’s South is so important, because it will be a gage to future elections to see if Antiguans have REALLY opened their eyes and woken up to the awfulness of the ABLP, and lack of input into the country, infrastructure, and especially the citizens of this great and beautiful island. 🏝

      I’d be astonished if Kelvin Shugy Simon loses, after his amazing win at the last General Election.

    The choices we make will always determine the outcomes!
    Let us interact with humility, grace, honesty, good intentions!……Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!


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