Why Hiring a Specialist or Design Agency for Presentation Design is Crucial


Why Hiring a Specialist or Design Agency for Presentation Design is Crucial

Presentations are essential for communicating your ideas in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. You can use them in numerous events, from public speaking engagements to business meetings. Despite their widespread use (BBC reportsa staggering number of 30 million PowerPoint presentations created daily!), many presentations contain cluttered slides and lack visual hierarchy. That’s where a professional presentation design comes into play. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros of professional presentations, the pitfalls of creating slides by yourself, and the importance of visual storytelling.

The Power of Professional Presentation Design 

According to PR Newswire, 94% of people believe their first impression of a company is design-related, which makes the design of presentation crucial. A visually engaging presentation has much higher chances of engaging audience and elevating your ideas to a new level compared to a DIY presentation made in PowerPoint. 

A professional design agency approaches the task with expertise, integrates storytelling techniques, ensures visual consistency, and helps reinforce your data with easily digestible slides. On the contrary, a DIY presentation typically comes with visually haphazard and overcrowded slides, poor messaging, and low chances of audience engagement.

Benefits of Hiring a Design Specialist or Agency 

In addition to avoiding common pitfalls, a design specialist will help get a competitive advantage and save time (47% of presenters need over 8 hours to make a presentation). Here are the major reasons you must think about when deciding to hire a professional agency like WhitePage:

Expertise in Visual Storytelling

Clarity and coherence are keys to success. Ready-made templates can help you organize your data but won’t create a recognizable style or cohesive messaging. A professional will help connect the slides to reach maximum impact.

Access to Advanced Tools

If you want to go beyond the ready-made templates, you have one more reason to hire professionals. Agencies use advanced presentation tools, like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Express, and others, that require a certain level of expertise. Although beginner-friendly tools may help, you’re unlikely to reach the customized and engaging visuals that come with advanced software.

Understanding of Design Principles

In addition to avoiding common issues, like cluttered slides and blurry images, a design specialist will create a visual hierarchy, contrast key elements, and use color theory to create visually stunning slides.

Common Pitfalls of DIY Presentation Design

If you have decided to use make-it-yourself presentations, their impact and effectiveness will suffer. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Cluttered slides. One of the presentational newbies’ common mistakes is an attempt to fit a never-ending text into one slide. This visual nightmare typically features an extra-small font and should be avoided at all costs. If slides brimming with endless texts still hold some appeal, consider hiring a professional to ensure a balance between text and visuals.
  2. Inconsistent design. A multitude of fonts, a wide range of colors, and slides with different designs highlight the uniqueness of your brand. Sounds appealing? It shouldn’t. Consistency in tone and design are parts of what makes your presentations professional and thorough. Though templates allow you to avoid this pitfall, a design specialist will create a visual style to make your presentation stand out.
  3. Lack of visual hierarchy. Your audience might miss important information without a clear visual hierarchy (contrasts in colors and fonts, grouping related items, etc.).


The art of presentation involves much more than using ready-made templates in Prezi and PowerPoint. Using approaches like color theory, design principles, and visual storytelling, a professional agency will implement your ideas in easy-to-digest slides and help create presentations the audience wouldn’t want to skip. At the end of the day, avoiding cluttered slides and design inconsistency is only part of the process; creating presentations that make an impact requires expertise.

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