Why Fans Are So Crazy About Popular Science-Fiction


As if you haven’t noticed, there are those prolific TV shows, movies, and series that seem to keep popping up over and over again. Either it’s an entirely new remake with new characters or a side journey with some of the more interesting and favored co-stars. Maybe it’s an entirely new adventure together but revolves in the same universe or atmosphere. X-men, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the lists go on and on.



Some of the non-fans, although there aren’t many, tire of seeing them. They probably think, can’t the great minds of Hollywood come up with something else? Well, it’s not the mere fact that these minds are lacking creativity. It’s the fact that fans absolutely adore these shows, characters, and universes. They literally can’t get enough of them. Want to know why if you haven’t already tuned in?


Childhood Memories


Looking back on your life from adulthood, you’ll no doubt see just how much the world has changed. Despite this, there will always be those childhood memories that evoke feelings. Maybe it was a long-ago summer trip to your grandparent’s farm. Maybe it was a stint at summer camp. It could even be the smell of blueberry pie that puts that jitters in your stomach. For a lot of people, these feelings are evoked by Star Wars and sci-fi.


Given that the genre is so prevalent, it would be hard for someone to not see or interact with something Star Wars-related during their growing years. There are always games, movies, costumes, and cartoons being advertised everywhere. For a lot of fans, Star Wars not only tells of amazing far-away journeys to other universes, but it evokes familiar, exciting feelings of those that now seem so long ago.


A Complete Thrill Ride


A lot of popular sci-fi can be slow, learned, and seemingly boring. That’s certainly not the case for popular hits like Star Wars. It would probably be hard for fans to stay so involved and attached to the expanding franchise if it wasn’t literally a thrill ride a minute. Even those slower, gushy feel-good moments seem to be engaging for the audience.


Simply put, people enjoy tuning into everything Star Wars because it’s so engaging. It’s so engaging that it draws you to the edge of your seat and keeps you right there to the very end to be left only wanting more and more. It’s fair to say that some of the content is easily as exciting as playing a game of เว็บบาคาร่า. Fans love the action and role-play that’s involved in the journeys but also are just as thirsty for the backstories and connections.


Actual Life Lessons And Wisdom


It’s been well-proven time and time again that what once seemed childish can be incredibly helpful and educational in today’s world. Technology and video games could not be two more perfect examples. Star Wars would be another great. If you are a fan, you already know that some of the franchise’s most popular quotes are ubiquitous in modern entertainment. How many times have you heard a great Star Wars line quoted? Enough that even non-fanatics will recognize where these quotes come from.


This happens to be the case not only because these quotes are great, but there are little morals and life lessons buried within them. There is plenty of this spread throughout the content as well. The urge to fight for family and what you want is so buried within the franchise that it isn’t even funny. Take some time to look beyond the subtext of the content, and you’ll see that there is so much wisdom buried within the show that it’d probably be hard for someone to apply it all in everyday life.


Technological Mastery


The world is crazy about technology these days. Heck, with smartphones, online gambling, cryptocurrencies, and 5G connections, it’s hard not to love today’s technological advances. That said, there is no other genre in the world that provokes the wonderment of technology. Although some of the gadgets and advanced technology you see in the series might seem a bit far farfetched, it is hard to not imagine the possibilities.


It can bring out the child in you. Some of these gadgets and technologies are so much more different than anything the world has been exposed to thus far. And that’s saying something in today’s techno-filled world.


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