WHO authorises second vaccine against dengue amid outbreaks in the Americas


The World Health Organization on Wednesday authorised a second dengue vaccine, a move that could provide protection for millions worldwide against the mosquito-borne disease that has already sparked numerous outbreaks across the Americas this year.

In a statement on Wednesday, the UN health agency said it approved the dengue vaccine made by the Japanese pharmaceutical Takeda, recommending its use in children between six to 16 years old living in regions with high rates of dengue. The two-dose vaccine protects against the four types of dengue.

Takeda’s dengue vaccine, known as Qdenga, was previously given the nod by the European Medicines Agency in 2022.

WHO’s approval now means that donors and other UN agencies can purchase the vaccine for poorer countries.

Studies have shown Takeda’s vaccine is about 84% effective in preventing people from being hospitalised with dengue and about 61% effective in stopping symptoms.

WHO’s Rogerio Gaspar, director for the agency’s approvals of medicines and vaccines, said it was “an important step in the expansion of global access to dengue vaccines.” He noted it was the second immunisation the UN agency had authorised for dengue.

The first vaccine WHO approved was made by Sanofi Pasteur, which was later found to increase the risk of severe dengue in people who had not previously been infected with the disease.

There is no specific treatment for dengue, a leading cause of serious illness and death in roughly 120 Latin American and Asian countries. While about 80% of infections are mild, severe cases of dengue can lead to internal bleeding, organ failure and death.

Last week WHO reported there were 6.7 million suspected cases of dengue in the Americas, an increase of 206% compared with the same period in 2023. In March, authorities in Rio de Janeiro declared a public health emergency over its dengue epidemic and the country began rolling out the Takeda vaccine, aiming to inoculate at least three million people.

Last year WHO said cases of dengue have spiked tenfold over the last generation, with climate change and the increasing range of the mosquitoes that carry dengue partly to blame for the disease’s spread.


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  1. What this same entity that recommended Covid-19 jabs to the world that has killed millions and injured even more as safe and effective? I don’t think so.
    Never again will I deem ANYTHING from WHO as being trustworthy.
    Astrazeneca has now admitted that its jabs are deadly and has pulled them worldwide. So far, nothing from Molwyn Joseph who was recommending Covid-19 shots to be part of the vaccine regiment for children. Astrazeneca is facing in the region of 100 million dollars in lawsuit s.
    No apology from WHO for misleading the world but they are looking to solidify tyrannical control over countries in a pandemic even holding control above the local government later this month in Vienna.
    WHO IS controlled by MONEY, not the well-being of the world. Be warned people. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

  2. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, your CREDIBILITY has been shot to pieces since your PLANNED global Covid-19 push on the unsuspecting (who I genuinely feel for) and the gullible over the last few years – and the serious consequences from the quaxines!

    And if you and your cohorts at the WHO think that you are going to take away the global citizens sovereign rights on medical issues so that you can plan more mRNA shots and lockdowns, then you’ll see ah side of people you could never imagine.


    • @Brixtonian. What we can expect for a criminal and supporter of ethnic cleansing in his country? This guy born for sure not from a woman ( human ). This kind of ill-criminals- self portrait (as god’s)…their time is close for them…their will perish with all of us together..their sick god’s are impatient with their stupidity and subsequent FAIL,FAIL,FAIL.

      I’m not Christian or so on but,I know if something inside and outside of us who make us above this suspects God’s,this infamous people give us a piece of the flesh of their GOD’S “MOONEY” with this their corrupt almost the entire segment of society.

      • And we must NEVER forget what the World Health Organisation did in parts of Africa to try to halt the Ebola virus with another quaxine; 53% of the participants died and many had serious adverse reactions.

        This abomination was kept quiet from the global audience.


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