WHO approves China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use



The World Health Organization announced on Friday it had approved a COVID-19 vaccine from China’s state-owned drugmaker Sinopharm for emergency use.

The vaccine, one of two main Chinese shots that collectively have already been given to hundreds of millions of people in China and abroad, becomes the first COVID-19 shot developed by a non-Western country to win the WHO’s backing.


It is also the first time the WHO has given emergency use approval to any Chinese vaccine for any infectious disease.


A WHO emergency listing is a signal to national regulators on a product’s safety and efficacy, and would allow the shot to be included in COVAX, the global programme to provide vaccines mainly for poor countries.


The WHO has previously given emergency approval to COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and, last week, Moderna.



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  1. That vaccine j will never inject in my body .They can approve it but I will not drink a bottle water coming out of China . That country couldn’t tell , see , or admit the truth if it stood on their toes

    • Ain’t that Asian-hate? You’d hate its government, do not involve the country or the people. Are you sure there’s nothing from China inside your home?

      • Avatar photo The next you decide to open your know know what you you're talking or stop playing with the damn phone .

        ” HEH Simple ” your simple question is an ASINAIDE question you know I’m not talking about the Chinese people but , those that Govern , lie and abuse .
        Since you’re so in love with China Government
        Tell about 12 Million Uighur population in the Northeastern region of China that the
        UN accused China of CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY .
        Tell about the 1 Million Uighur’s that in HELD IN DETENTION CAMPS
        Tell me about women being FORCIBLY STERLISED to control their population .
        Tell me about the MASS RAPE and SEXUAL TORTURE
        The U.N. including Canada , Netherlands, Australia , UK , Denmark ……….
        The history of suppression, lies and murder including but not limited to the Covid virus .

  2. I’m confused and need to continue researching because earlier this week vis a vis Seychelles situation, the supposed data showed Sinopharm being too low in efficacy so inherently risky for a whole population to rely on.
    WHO approved it today.
    Something not smelling right.

    • Yes really interesting (thanks for the heads up) what is happening there. Some 62 percent of their population inoculated mostly with Sinopharm (some news site contradict this). Thing is though, I read some 12.5 of those vaccinated, AstraZeneca was used (there is conflicting info on this from various news sites with Bloomberg stating the 12% is actually Sinopharm.). Those now ill with covid no more than 1/3 of them have had 2 doses of a covid vaccine. It is also known that the South African strain is present in Seychelles . Thing is we don’t know if the vaccinated who are now ill, what did they take. We have no idea what covid variant. We will also need to know how does their illness compare to those who are not vaccinated

  3. I am not surprised the WHO approves the Chinese Vaccine. The spokesman for the WHO. The one(Tedros Adhanom) from Ethiopia is in the pockets of the Chinese. Ethiopia owes China $16 Billion Dollars. He was in the Government in Ethiopia before he worked for WHO.Why did it take them over 1 frigging year to go into Wuhan?

  4. You used they instead of it, so convince me you were not talking about the people in that country??? I never said I love its government, my original comment was encouraging to hate their government instead of the country or the people, but you just came with ton of shit their government did to change the topic/subject. Unless you are not properly educated in English language, your original comment is just being racist. End of discussion if you won’t admit it.

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