Where are the Barbudans, Nibbs asks

MP for Barbuda Arthur Nibbs

The parliamentary representative for Barbuda has expressed disappointment in the lack of participation of Barbudans in the cleanup of the island.

Arthur Nibbs wants to see more Barbudans involved in phase one of the rebuilding process of the sister island, which was devastated by Hurricane Irma in early September.

Ninety-five per cent of the structures on the 62 square mile island were estimated to have been devastated and approximately 1,800 islanders had to be evacuated to Antigua.

Nibbs said that many Barbudans, prior to the evacuation order being lifted over two weeks ago, were complaining that they needed to go back to the island to clean their properties, and begin to rebuild.

He added that now they are free to travel to their homeland many seem reluctant to want to be a part of the cleanup efforts now underway.

“One would have thought that there would be a clamouring of Barbudans to get back over because right after the storm you hear people all over the airwaves (saying) that they have been held hostage, they want to go back home to clean up, and now that the way is clear and the evacuation order has been lifted, we are having a difficulty getting the Barbudans to go back to work,” Nibbs said on radio this morning.

The Barbudan MP said phase two of the rebuilding exercise cannot go forward until individuals cleanup their homes so repairs can commence and some level of normalcy is attained.

“So, I want to use this opportunity as well to encourage the Barbudans to volunteer your services, call into the Council’s office (and) give your names so that we can organise you so we can go down and clean up the island. So, I do share in the fact that Barbudans are not coming forward as we would have loved it, and I appeal to them now to get involved and let us go and clean up so we can get to the rebuilding phase,” Nibbs concluded.

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  1. Antigua nice. Things “gravy” for them over here. Why go back to WORK when you can relax and enjoy yourself in a nice environment?

  2. Lmaaaoooo…..work who meeeeee
    Not i mek government get “cleanup crew” then i go back n rebuild….we here i ANTIGUA enjoying our “freeebbbzz”.

  3. Well! The horrors of seeing their homes and all they have being destroyed, is not such an easy thing!! Compassion for the Barbudans must be shown and the MP could go and visit them and encourage them. Realizing if there be something else they can do to entreat them to the greater task that lie ahead would be a good start for the MP. Mr. MP are you acting without compassion?

    • Wow! How is compassion not being shown? They wanted to go back to clean up and rebuild. Come on man!!! They can do better!

  4. Good luck buddy, dem ah nyam from the trough, free food, lodging why on earth should they go back in any rush?

  5. Mr Nibbs , you know me and you good but if the people don,t feel they ready to go back no pressure them. I don,t see anything wrong if a clean up crew from Antigua go and clean up Barbuda and build back Barbuda and then ask them to return over if them want to ; especially in light of the alleged plan to sell off half to De zero or de Money and them; at least let them go back to a comfortable shock. Again that is if they want to go. A wa are u a run them out a Antigua for. Maybe if you make them feel some portion of gratitude they might agree to sell Denero an hotel spot.

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