Where are the Arabs Asot?


By Makeda Mikael

The Lebanese have been in Antigua for over 100 years!

My understanding from a millennial Lebanese Antiguan is that his great great grandfather got deported from the U.S. and the way the U.S. dealt with deportations in those times, was to just put the person on the first departing ship to be dropped in the first port. His first port was Antigua.

Everybody in Antigua knew the Michael family for all the reasons that Honourable Asot Michael is known, he embodies the very character of his family as it grew within the black community. He behaves very Antiguan!

As the only representative of the Middle-Eastern community in Parliament, this silent community can no longer be silent as they owe this man visible support. The Michael family has always been close to the black people on the island, and the revelry spirit of Asot Michael is only a repeat of his father Patrick Michael who almost carried Carnival all by himself.

What is interesting is that this move into politics does not appear to have a shadow in the Arab community, as Asot Michael fights for his life in a party which his family has supported in good times and in bad, one which has leaned heavily on the finances of the Michael family.

At no time is any animosity seen openly in their community, but the time has come for support of the Arab community for one of their own who is one of all of us.

It is time for the financial support to the Parties be tied to performance, or else those givers and supporters of Parties openly charged with unfair practices should be charged too. A boycott of election funding is in order in support of the only Arab Antiguan in the house, and a roots builder of the Antigua Labour Party.

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  1. What is this bs propaganda. The man has been involved in several scandals, there is literal damning evidence with voice recordings of the man asking for bribes. “My mommy need a new vehicle” I believe is what he was quoted saying. Using your “Lebanese” status for political gain is a very cheap move on your part. And if the first Micheal was deported from the USA what does that say about the way these people operate? Please get out of here with ur bs lady. Absolutely atrocious. These sinister ministers all disgust most Antiguans.

  2. Makeda…

    The current Movie…
    this version of “the only Arab Antiguan” has ended! Sarry fe Margah Dawg, margah dawg goh tun rung bite U.

    The Sequel…
    Maybe this “Arab Antiguan” can grant the youths some funding to support INDEPENDENT Candidates, of their choosing.

  3. Is this lady, Makeda Mikael, out of her cotton picking mind? Are you seriously encouraging political tribalism by suggesting that the “Arab community” should come to the aid of Asot Michael? If you do not know, political tribalism has never produced anything positive. Just have a look at Trinidad and Guyana in the Caribbean. Further, if you were not aware, there is deep historical mistrust between the Lebanese and Syrian ethnic groups, even though both are usually classified as “Arabs”. In Antigua, they coexist, as it should be. Leave well alone, Makeda. We do not need this in Antigua!

  4. Divide ànd conquer.desperation has a way of unearthing insanity.
    What will become of all the contracts the Arabs have with the said African government?
    Is the writer proposing a sabotage of power generation?
    I can imagine the fleecing of the public purse by paying extortionate rent to the Arab community will end abruptly.

    Divide and conquer will have a nasty ending.

    Stoop and conquer has a brighter outlook. Work smart not hard..

  5. Madam you have been a model business woman, respected for you tenacity. Is there something beneath the surface about you that is now showing it’s ugly head? I was at drive- in when his father drove through a crowd of black Antiguan. I know that you were Lester Bird right hand at one point and probably that is where you got your attachment to the Michael’s. Thought you had put that era behind you and moved on to an independent lady of class. I guess you were never a friend of the working class and a true Antiguan .

  6. How come the Chinese expansion is being quietly accepted even though they are racially dividing Africa and eating up all their resources, spreading the same subtle takeover to our island. The Syrians have dollar control and the Lebanese have land given to them for peanuts with ALP help coming out of colonialism. Together the Arab community has control of the government even as they try to replace them with Chinese and now Indians. Who is talking race war!

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