When a Country Establishes Diplomatic Relations with Cyberstate – A Piece of Political Satire by Arvel Grant


A Piece of Political Satire – By Arvel Grant


When a Country Establishes  Diplomatic Relations with Cyberstate

OH Yes! Upward  looking stuff!!!   The cyber peoples must be in rapturous  repose!

Back on earth, “Kim Chubby” must be quaking in his big  virtual boots!

Keep an eye on him DMW, please!  He will be listening to you, each morning from now-on!


The other Koreans   are good people? They gave us  those busses, right?

Wonder how Kim feel about all this? First “blue”  busses from his cousins, now “red”   relations with his cyberlings?


Perhaps we should invest in some cyber-shields, in case “fat boy” decides to over look “brother Joe” and launch for us from the Korean Peninsula !!.

Blue Mount Obama (or is it)red  Buggy Peak,  is a great site from which to fire virtual defence shields!


A sure way to get “all hands on deck”.

If I only have the cyber  time, I would most certainly apply for the job as Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the virtual republic.

This ingenious thing is going to require “top-flight” brain matter and diamond-edged negotiating skills!


5-Islands got to train more virtual Rhodes Scholars!

Pardon  my late expression of virtual disinterest; But  Mi’Lady COVID had me in “her clutches”.


Took me a good 7 days of huffing and puffing  (and a lot of sweating)  to discharge  her “loving embrace”.


And, at a time when the following  big breaking virtual announcement was being digested??? Just my luck, man!

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  1. Waste of time. Both the cyber diplomacy and this article. Two mins wasted reading this. Would have been simpler if he just called out this BS for what it is in a serious way. This is no joke.

    Stick to more serious, substantive topics Arvel. Leave the satire, sensationalism and more sassy stuff to the entertainers among us.

  2. This is what Arvel Grant has reduced himself to? Tenman, Kaseba now him? Boy evidently, the further one stays from Gaston and the ABLP the better.

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