‘What you need is common sense’ Joanne defends inexperienced candidates


At the launch of her party’s newest candidate in St John’s Rural East (Vincent “Vere” Cornelius), Joanne Massiah was on her proverbial ‘back foot’ in defense of her choice of candidates and their presumably lackluster resume as she declared, “running a government is an extension of running a home; running a business; running a community, but on a magnified scale.”

The average age of the Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) candidates released to date is 39 years. This has led many in the public to question the experience level of candidates put forward thus far by the Joanne Massiah-led party.

The DNA leader went on the offensive as she questioned the poor decisions and subsequently underwhelming results by those in authority with so-called ‘experience’ under their belts.

“This so-called experience which these presently-serving ministers are touting, where has that led us as a country?” Massiah questioned.

“The so-called experience has us in all of the difficulties that we’re experiencing,” she continued.

Only one of the candidates to date has any experience in contesting general elections (Kelton Dalso, 2014). And, none of the candidates presented thus far have ever been elected to public office.

Massiah, non-deterred, continued to lay into the those advancing the notion that experienced politicians were preferable to her movement of ‘young, fresh and dynamic’.

“The so-called experience has turned many a two-lane road in this country into a one-lane road because the streets in the communities are overgrown with bushes. And if you can’t clean the bushes in the community how then can you advance the material, the spiritual and the educational aspirations of the people of Antigua and Barbuda?”

She went on to challenge those in attendance at the Clare Hall Secondary School by asking, “are you prepared to stay with the same failed people on the same failed path with the same failed experience?”

“What you need most of all is common sense,” the DNA leader asserted.

“One of the things we checked our candidates for is common sense. I am happy that you come qualified, but if you’re missing common sense, you can’t be apart of the DNA.”

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  1. In A True Democratic Society! Everyone Deserves A Fair Chance! Please Give The Young Gent A Chance! Politics & Life Is A Learning Process!📖📚🎓🌴

  2. yes COMMON SENSE is really important! Good luck to all of the candidates. Time will tell who the people choose to represent them.

  3. Yes common sense most important.Look where the experience politician have put us .Give the youths a chance they are our future.

  4. Common SENSE….YES YOU NEED THAT TO STEAL ….and corruption oh not to be outdone by proper education….so when u enter the world stage you sound n look like poor Azzes to educated politicians and world leaders…


    She n Lovell need to sit in REDONDA

    Never will her or Lovell become a PM

  5. What is most needed is the thirst 4 power ….the underwasher of money laundering ….the promise of a greater tomorrow TODAY…. TARGETTING OF YOUNG VOTERS WHO JUS NEED NEW LIARS….

    No need to understand politics ….jus be a ANGRY OUSTED MEMBER OF THE OPPOSITION….


  6. Many never thought you would amount to much, Joanne! I watched you grow and allowed theord to chart your course! Both your parents would be proud of your stride. Remember the Bible says, *Let no man despise you because of your youth!” Nobody thought David could slay Goliath! Nobody thought Gideon could win a battle with 300 puny soldiers. Who could have believed that Joash at 8 took what it needed to rule a country! Ride on my dear Sister! If God be for you, who can be against you! A thousand shall fall at your right hand but it shall not come near you! The battle is not yours but the Lords! You shall not have to fight!

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