What Trevor Walker Really Thinks About Non-Nationals: PAY YOUR DUES


Misconstruing aspects of the Immigration and Passport Amendment Bill 2021, Barbuda Member of Parliament Trevor Walker went on a rant about  some non-nationals in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Act seeks to regularize permanent residents who make substantial financial contributions to Antigua and Barbuda over a long period of time.

When he made his presentation in parliament this morning Trevor Walker had this to say.

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  1. Seems like this guy is a trouble-maker. He have a strange spirit, some kind of a mic-up. And I thought he was some kind of a christian (small “c”).

  2. So….not only is he a “BORN RACIST”, but he loathes the descendants of the people who came on the same slave boat as his ancestors???

    P.S. – maybe he hates Barbudans too, since he doesn’t even talk like them. Guess that’s what happens when you spend wayyyyy more time in Antigua

  3. What a rant that puts another nail in the UPP coffin. All the bill (see http://laws.gov.ag/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/The-Immigration-and-Passport-Amendment-Bill-2021.pdf ) sought to do was to aid persons who had a permanent residence certificate to either become citizens after 7 years or to actually become permanent residents (eg green card holder) without having to pay in the future (they would have been here legally for 7 years). Yet watch Walker attacks a bill that seeks to empower legal non nationals. This clip needs to be be part of the ABLP election tool kit, next year

    • Wow! I am not [email protected] Ten men, the Chineses lover. Thank JAH his mother was on the ball because her prime property on lower church street would be in foreign hands. Wicked set a people that support the top dawg and the cult party.

  4. Nail in coffin what about the selling of Antiguan passport by the ABTLP to criminals abroad that are spoiling the name of Antiguan wide a far after doing their criminals activities and getting caught antigua name is spoiled look b4 we use to can enter Canada without visa soon the UK we will have to have visa to enter a matter of time.

    • Boss the record will show the CIP program was enacted under the UPP admin. In terms of selling passports (something CIP does not do, since its an investment program), its under the UPP that diplomatic passports were sold with funds being send directly to the former PM’s bank account. The details of this can be found in a US indictment where many of the persons named have accepted guilt. Please note also the former PM claims the moneys were for the political party (Yes UPP) not him, he describes what seems moneys laundering

  5. Will he say the same PAY YOUR DUES to the same Barbudans he called lazy, badminded, rum-drinking, godless, coveteous, ambition-less neargah? Keep fooling them into thinking that they actually own land VESTED IN THE CROWN!!!!

  6. He is 100% correct! His statement should not be taken as political but one of national interest. In Tortola, BVI it takes 10 years to get a “Belonged Status.” During this period immigrants are unable to work without the proper paperwork, purchase property or vote. There are similar laws in Barbados, Bermuda and many other countries that put natives first. The government of Antigua and Barbuda have an obligation to protect it’s citizens and their rights. Antigua is the only Eastern Caribbean country that has not adopted stringent immigration policies that has native first protections. We need stricter measures to protect Antiguans and Barbadians property, jobs and national identity.

    • Do you think this labour government cares about Antiguans? What they really care about is staying in power. Do you notice this topic always comes up election time? It is really shameful that we have an Antiguan government that thinks it can only get elected if it panders to non nationals for their votes. If the labour government is such a good government, native Antiguans will vote for you. I respect countries Like Turks and Caicos, where you have to reside in the country for ten years before your status moves to being a be-longer, Bahamas and all the other countries that put their people first. It is only dictators who use any means to cling to power so they can continue the looting of the countries resources.

  7. “My new national hero”

    If only we had more Antiguans like Mr. Walker. Every other country on the globe is doing introspection except these ALP buffoons, but winter is coming.

  8. I am a non-national and I still can’t believe the freedoms and liberties we have and take with native Antiguans. In fact, non-nationals have become really arrogant about the power they have over locals. This is amazing! It even appears that natives are afraid to talk about them and their bad behaviour for fear of the local politicians who are their protectors. One minimum wage security worker in a uniform that is as tight as a second skin even called the Antigua passport a bad name and swore she does not want it, in her loudest voice.
    This could never happen where I come from and where she came from.

    Mr Walker, you are right. Between the Chinese, Syrians, Europeans, Americans, big islanders and everybody else, when they are finished carving out their share, nothing would be left back for natives. In fact, the way things are going, they will be encircled by the “fat cats” who came here without a cent and end up working like indentured slaves for them. Them and their children.

    Antigua is really a special place. You all are strange people.You all surrendered your life to politicians who do not mean you well. Good luck with that.

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