What Is Online Trading And How To Make Good Money Out Of It


Trading has, in the last few years, become incredibly common among ordinary working people. In years past, trading was exclusively for the Wall Street and Canary Wharf big wigs. Now, it is accessible by everybody who has access to a computer, and anybody who fancies themselves something of a trader. It is not, for a second, easy, however. In fact, it can be very up and down, very difficult to stay on top of, and can lose you a lot of money. Conversely, you can make an absolute fortune.

In this article, we are going to explain to you what online trading is and how you can make good money out of it. If you follow our guide, we are confident that you will become a better trader and will be better equipped to handle any type of trading. We will also tell you what the different types of trading are on this page so that you can get a feel for what you think suits you best and find your area.

So, what is online trading, you ask? How do you make good money out of it? Here’s the answer!

Well, What Is Trading To Start With?

Trading is a basic economic concept. To be precise, the definition is the buying and selling of goods (and/or) services. The goods are paid for by a buyer or sold to a seller. The exchange of goods that takes place is the trade. Trading can take place between producers and consumers domestically, or even internationally. International trade is the reason that a person in America can buy a car made in England, and vice versa. Equally, trading can take place online, buying stocks, shares, or cryptocurrencies. This is what our article’s subject will be today.

What is Financial Trading?

In financial markets, when one says trading, they are referring to the sale and buying of securities, for example, the purchase of stock in the London Stock Exchange. Financial stock trading takes place both on the floor, as it always has, and also online. Online trading is what we are referring to when we say that you can make money trading, for it is very unlikely that you will be able to get onto a stock floor! Financial trading is a fantastic way to make money and a great way to become financially independent.

How Do I Start?

If you’re new to trading, you must equip yourself with the relevant skills and knowledge to help alleviate financial loss, and financial courses online with stock market units are one of the best ways to do so. At the very least, you’ll need to build a strong foundation in economic and financial skills. And at last you’ll understand the basics of how to use a trading platform, how to find investment opportunities and measure return, how to interpret charts and financial data, and how to execute a variety of trading setups.

How do you start trading? Well, we thought you would ask us that. To begin with, one has to find their desired area of trading (which we will go over in a moment), and then a platform to trade on. There is an almost infinite number of websites for you to trade on online. These websites and platforms offer you the ability to take command of your financial future from the comfort of your own home, without ever having to leave your home. Financial trading is a fantastic way to make money without even getting out of bed!

Initial Investment

If you are new to trading, it is recommended by experts, professionals, and us that you start slow. It is not advisable to sink every penny you have into trading without research and study beforehand. It is best that, with trading, you learn as you go along, and you make sensible investments. Unwise investments can be very damaging to your financial portfolio and if they continue, can bankrupt you. You need to be sensible with your investments and you do not want to just blindly make trades. Research and know what you are doing before you do it. Start slow, start low.

Types of Trading


Style of Trading Timeframe of Trade
Day trading Short-term trade
Position trading Long-term trade
Scalping Short-term trade
Swing trading Long-term trade
Crypto trading Short-to-long-term trade

Day Trading

Day trading is the most popular method of trading among young people and the type of trading most publicized in the media and on social media. Day traders enter their positions and exit on the same day, though will stay in far longer than a scalper will. This removes the risk of after-hours trading, which is very present among swing and position traders. Trades are held for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Day traders have to take the time to research their trades thoroughly, lest they lose their investment. Day traders will often trade penny stocks and will watch technical analysis, such as MACD, the RSI, and the SO, in order to predict market conditions. Day trading can be very hard, especially for beginners, but if you are determined and dedicated, and have some experience, you should have no trouble with it.

Position Trading

Position trading is the longest type of trade that you will find in this article. Position traders will typically trade over the course of a few months, to years in some cases. Position traders look for long-term movement, hoping for maximum profit. Stocks do a shift in price over the course of a few years, sometimes for the better, and others for the worse. A position trader will often use weekly and monthly price charts to evaluate the markets that they are trading in, which according to the trading specialists from https://www.trusted-broker-reviews.com/earn-money-with-trading/ is very important, so as to ensure maximum profit. Position traders are seldom concerned with minor price fluctuations, and instead, look for huge changes that will benefit them and help them to make a profit. Position trading is a great way for beginners to get into trading and to give themselves time to grow accustomed to the world of trading.


Scalp trading is a short-term type of trading that is very popular. Scalpers, as they are called, hold positions open for minutes (sometimes even seconds) at a time. These trades are incredibly short, and they target the small daily price movements. For example, it is common for when a stock opens first thing for it to fall (or rise). Scalpers make lots of small trades and profits throughout the day.

When scalping, traders tend to trade currency pairs, mainly because of liquidity and trading volume. They will typically trade USDJPY, GBPUSD, and EURUSD. A scalper will usually trade when the day’s trade is at its busiest and during the most volatile times. Scalpers have to be very experienced and have knowledge.

Scalping is also incredibly fast-paced, which means you have to be on the ball every single time. It is an incredibly stressful type of trading and is very time-consuming, mainly because you will have to be sat in front of charts for the duration of the exchange’s opening hours. This is a method of trading, we think, best left to those who have professional experience in trading.

Swing Trading

Swing traders hold their positions for days, and even weeks at a time. Because swing traders hold their positions for such a long time, they do not need to sit and constantly watch charts and their trading platforms, and instead, can get on with their day. This is a good style of trading suited to people who work, or who have other commitments in their lives outside of trading.

Swing trading is a great style of trading if you are just starting out, too. It gives you the opportunity to watch your trades without executing any sales and monitor the charts to see how they work.

A swing trader will typically use strategies such as counter-trend trading, breakout trading, momentum, and trend trading.

Crypto Trading

Crypto trading is the newest type of trading available. Cryptocurrency is a decentralised, unregulated currency. It has become incredibly popular among traders over the years. One of the most popular types of crypto is Bitcoin, which since 2010, has made countless traders millionaires. Because of this, traders are always on the lookout for the next Bitcoin. There are many potential currencies that could rise to the height that Bitcoin, Ethereum being one for example. The crypto industry is incredibly volatile, however, and because of this, you have to be incredibly careful when you are trading. If you blindly walk into crypto trades, you could very well walk out with absolutely nothing and could lose all of the money that you have invested into it. Crypto trading requires you to be incredibly careful. You should not, and must not, trade without research. Crypto trading takes place all night and the markets never close, so you must monitor them frequently.

Getting Started


So, you’re ready to start. The first thing that you will want to do is research the current trading trends. There are so many different places and sources that you can do this, though we recommend The Economist, Financial Times, or Bloomberg Business Week. There are also blogs that you can look at that will tell you where to start.

Download a Platform

As mentioned previously, there are so many different places that you can trade, but you should only trade in the best places. You will want to find a platform that does not take too high a percentage from any of the trades that you make. Ideally, the platform will have 24/7 customer service and will be easy to use.

Multiple Websites

You will also want to trade on multiple websites if you can. Trading in one place, while good, can mean you do not have access to as many trades as you could if you traded on other websites.


On most trading platforms, you have the option to practice trades. Practice trading is a great way for you to get a feel for trading, without actually putting money into it. Practice trading will teach you a lot about charts and trading markets. On some platforms, you may have to pay to practice trade, but on most, you will not. It is important that when you do find a good platform that allows you to practice on it, that you do not get suckered into buying membership, as there are free practice websites you can use. Practice trading will allow you to get an understanding of different types of markets, which benefits you tremendously if you a first-time trader. Practice, as the saying goes, makes perfect.

Reliable Stock

Once you’re confident that you are ready to start trading, you should find a trustworthy and reliable stock, preferably a slow one that is not volatile. Many first-time traders go headfirst into penny stocks, but we sincerely advise against that. You should ideally find a stock that has predicted growth, but over a course of weeks or months. You can also look at upcoming quarterly reports and find businesses that have their reports due – this is usually a quick way to make some profit, though this is a type of scalping which is best saved for when you are a little more experienced. Finding a reliable stock can be difficult, which is why you should do the research that we previously recommended. You can also browse forums and trading websites to see what other traders have to say about what’s hot right now. Some trading platforms allow you to copy the trades of influential and powerful traders, which is another thing you might want to consider if you are just getting into trading. The bottom line is, start with a reliable stock.

Can You Make Money?

 The real question is, can you make money trading? The answer is an inarguable yes. However, you should do as much research as you can and study as much as you can. While you can make a huge amount of money trading, you can also lose it all. Making money trading relies upon your instincts and your experience, and while you may get lucky from time to time, you cannot just rely solely upon luck to make money as a trader. Yes, you can make money, but you can also lose it, so approach trading with caution and avoid blindly making purchases and avoid silly trading strategies that have not been meticulously and carefully thought out.

Trading is a great way to become financially independent in the digital age, though you must be careful and meticulous. We hope that you have enjoyed the content that we have brought you today, and more importantly, that it will benefit you in making trading decisions. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


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