What Is Considered a Sex Crime (And What Is Not)


Since man’s inception, we have been scourged with a sex crime. Sex crimes are arguably the most heinous of all offenses and can have a devastating impact on the lives of those who have been assaulted, and the families of those who have been assaulted. A sex crime can change a person’s life forever, and in many cases, they are never able to recover. It is because of the massive impact that these crimes have upon the victim that the offenses themselves come with huge periods of imprisonment. It is not uncommon for a sex offender to be sentenced to an indeterminate period of imprisonment, or at the very least, a sentence exceeding a decade. Sex crimes are highly frowned upon and are the crimes that come with the longest sentences.


This page will tell you what is considered a sex crime, and what may not be. Sex crimes are not subjective, however, and it is clear what is and what is not a sex crime. There are some crimes which may, in some circumstances, be considered a sex crime, but are not legally defined as a crime specifically relating to sex. These will be expanded further into the main body of the text of this article.

Legal Advice

There are some cases, however, where an individual may be wrongly accused of a sex crime. It is these cases that are the most difficult, and this is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly more common. Statistically, these occurrences are rare, but realistically, they happen on a daily basis. One infamous case, the Groveland Boys of Florida, found themselves falsely accused of rape by white women. If you have been falsely accused, you must find the best defense you can, as your freedom depends upon it. Fighter Law is considered to be the best law firm in Florida when it comes to sex crimes defense. The penalties that you may be subject to and the periods of imprisonment you may be sentenced to could exceed ten years and may stretch up to life in prison, so you must find proper legal defense and fight it with every breath you have. False accusations can absolutely ruin somebody’s life and they are completely unacceptable. The frequency with which they are made is terribly alarming. Only by fighting it can you stop it.

What is a Sex Offense?

What is a sex offense is not considered a grey area, and as referenced in the introduction, sex offenses are not subjective, rather, they are clearly outlined and clear prosecutable offenses. Although with that said, some offenses are not sex offenses but can be prosecuted as one. One of these, for example, would be simply touching somebody – touching somebody without permission is, in the United Kingdom, known as ABH. ABH can be defined as a sexual offense if the person to whom it has been touched is uncomfortable and finds the act to have been committed with malicious sexual intent. Other sexual offenses are much clearer and offer no ambiguity. Here they are:


  • Crimes against an adult, which can be rape; sexual assault; marital rape; groping; exposure; exploitation; prostitution.
  • Crimes committed against a relative; incest.
  • Crimes committed against nature; sodomy, bestiality, and indecent exposure.
  • Crimes against a minor; pornography; exploitation; molestation, and abduction.


These are just fundamental offenses that can be found across the entire world and are not a comprehensive list of all sex offenses. Most countries have long lists, far surpassing those mentioned, that are considered sex offenses, and many more categories. An example of this would be that in Alabama, a southern state of the United States, sex crimes committed by teachers have their own offense and category.

Digital Offenses

In the last few years, there has been a huge drive to prosecute digital sexual offenses committed against adults and minors. Some behaviors take place on the internet that are absolutely intolerable and must not be allowed to be committed. In many areas in the world, the sending of unsolicited ‘nudes’ (naked pictures) is a prosecutable offense and one that comes with heavy jail time. Digital offenses are difficult to prosecute due to the anonymity offered by the internet to many offenders. It is also a crime to distribute child pornography, or groom children, on the internet.


There has, more recently, been a huge surge in vigilantes capturing digital sex offenders through sophisticated stings and traps. These have been supported by many police forces, who suggest that they have had a great benefit and have helped police forces to prosecute pedophiles all across the world. Pedophiles often exploit the anonymity offered by the internet and use it to their advantage to exploit and abuse children.

Sex Offenders Reoffending

New offenses have been legislated to make failure to register as a sex offender a prosecutable offense and a violation of the statute of sex offenders. Sex offenders reoffending or failing to register can lead to heavy prison time. Sex offenders should always register themselves so that the local police can find them should any instances of sex crimes happen in the area that they may have been involved in. When a sex offender re-offends, they are likely to receive a period of imprisonment much longer than their initial period of imprisonment.

Offenses, Penalties, and Sentencing

As is the same with every other offense that is legally prosecutable, nature, parties involved, and circumstances of the offense will determine the period of imprisonment or sentence that is issued. As was mentioned before, sexual offenses are very clear and unambiguous. There is a very high conviction rate when it comes to sex offenses and sentencing, and, rarely, a supposed sex offender gets away with their crimes, although it does happen. The evidence in these cases is often huge, and with advancements in DNA testing and forensics, sex offenders cannot escape.


Now, with the help of this page, you know everything there is to know about sex crimes and how they are prosecuted, as well as what is defined as a sex offense and what is not. Sex offenders are a scourge upon our society that must be uprooted and imprisoned. Never harbor a sex offender, nor keep a sex offense silent.

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