What if I Was Hurt in an Uber or Lyft Accident?


Ridesharing has become the primary means by which a growing number of Americans travel. Uber and Lyft are expanding at a rapid rate across the country. People find the app convenient to use and the cost of the actual ride inexpensive. Rideshare drivers charge a fraction of what taxi fares come to; and in a time when everyone must count their pennies, they are now the preferred mode of transport. If you’re decided to build your own business and don’t know where to start, we’re found an article on how to make a ridesharing app in a few steps.

The bar for becoming an Uber or Lyft driver is quite low. You need not even have your own vehicle. All anyone needs is a license. This has put the lives of millions of people into the hands of people who should not be on the road. There has been a significant increase in the number of car accidents over the last decade. The fact that they have occurred in places where rideshare driving has increased the most is no coincidence.

If you have been hurt in an Uber or Lyft related accident, you have rights. You should preserve and protect those rights by hiring a Lyft accident attorney or Uber car accident lawyer. You should not be left to your own devices after such an accident. You should claim the money that you deserve.

Your Case Begins at the Scene of the Crash

It is important to remember that everything you do after a rideshare crash matters. Your case for compensation essentially begins at the moment the vehicle you are in collides with another. In general, there are two types of rideshare collisions: minor and major. You will have more power to act if you are in a minor accident. Here are some of the actions you should take if your accident is in the latter category:

1. Get help

It is okay to let the driver call 911. Just make sure that they actually call emergency services. Some drivers may try to avoid getting the authorities involved; but if you are to make any claim on the company, there must be an official record of the accident.

2. Wait for paramedics to arrive

Unless you are urgently needed to help another victim of the accident, you should move as little as possible. You should wait for EMS personnel to arrive to check you over. If you feel any sharp or distributed pain anywhere on your body or you feel faint or dizzy, you should not move at all.

3. Give your statement to the police

When the police arrive, they will want to take a statement from you. Tell them exactly what you saw. It is unlikely that you did anything that could have contributed to the crash. However, if you are uncomfortable with the line of questioning, then you may want to wait until you have spoken with your Los Angeles ridesharing accident lawyer before continuing.

4. Seek medical evaluation and treatment

Even if you feel alright, you should go to the hospital. Allow yourself to be taken in the ambulance. It will be better for your claim if you are under constant observation by medical professionals. Ensure you get a copy of the medical examination before you leave. If you sustained cuts, bruising, or other wounds, get a photograph of them before you are patched up.

An Accident That Can Change Your Life

A serious rideshare accident can cause severe injuries. If you are in such an accident, you may not remember all that happens after it. The collision may leave you unconscious. You may have been rushed from the scene by ambulance; and once in the trauma center, forced to undergo a series of complicated operations designed to save your life.

If this is the case, then you will be on your back for months. You will be unable to earn money, pay your regular bills or medical expenses. You may need to spend even more time in rehabilitation. When you are ready to finally go home, it may be some time before you can get back to your old routines.

If you have been permanently disabled by the accident, you may need to give up your livelihood. This can be a blow to your financial and mental health. It can also lead to extreme difficulties in your family life.

You should not have to face this upending of your life on your own. You should not have to carry the burden of an accident caused by a reckless or negligent rideshare driver. Hiring a Lyft accident attorney or Uber car accident lawyerwill help you get the money you deserve.

Facing Down the Rideshare Industry

Flush with unexpected success and the money that has come with it, the rideshare industry has become extraordinarily powerful. Uber and Lyft are multi-billion-dollar companies that now have powerful lobbies in state houses across the country. For years they have tried to make themselves immune from lawsuits. Their primary argument is that the drivers who use their app to get fares are independent contractors, not company employees. They—Uber and Lyft—cannot therefore be held liable for car accidents.

Judges and juries have not bought this line of reasoning. The two companies have lost cases after case with this defense, and so they have changed tactics. Uber and Lyft now offer up to a million dollars to passengers injured in an accident. But this money is not easy to get. The companies have put in a range of terms and conditions that can make it hard for someone who has just been through a traumatic accident to claim.

West coast trial lawyers know how to overcome the obstacles put up by Uber and Lyft. They know how to help people who have been injured in a rideshare accident get the money the company has promised them. If you have been harmed in such an accident, you may be contacted by a representative of Uber or Lyft. Do not attempt to negotiate with them on your own. In fact, you should refer them to your Los Angeles ridesharing accident lawyer. Let your attorney act as your voice and be the sole advocate for your interests. This will keep matters clear and simple. Otherwise, you may accidently say something that undermines your case.

Do Not Allow Yourself to be Limited

The rideshare companies will do their utmost to limit their liability. Even if you qualify for the million-dollar pay out, it may not be enough to cover your expenses. If your injuries are extensive and severe to the point of life-changing, then you can ask for more money. If this is refused, you have the option of filing a lawsuit against the rideshare company.

West coast trial lawyers have the expertise and experience to pursue this legal route. If the accident has left you permanently disabled, your lawyer will put together a solid case for compensation that exceeds the million-dollar pay-out. You can sue the company for the medical bills you will incur, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.

Your case need not go to trial. If the evidence is strong and compelling enough, the rideshare company may prefer to settle rather than risk a jury verdict that can result to an even more expensive pay-out for them.


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