What celebrities have experienced medical negligence?


Medical negligence is far more common than you might realise. In fact, thousands of patients suffer extreme injuries and die from medical negligence every year. Medical negligence is when a medical professional provides substandard care to a patient causing their existing condition to worsen or cause a new injury.


Celebrities and famous people have been severely impacted by medical negligence for decades. Medical negligence can cover a wide range of events, from prescribing the wrong medication to making mistakes during surgery. Sometimes this is down to human error, and other times it’s done on purpose. If you have experienced medical negligence, it’s important to get the support and help you need to recover.


Here are some of the celebrities that experienced medical negligence.


Elvis Presley


Elvis died after taking 14 different prescribed medications from his doctor. The doctor went to trial for his prescription of drugs and was found innocent. In the 90s, the doctor’s license was revoked, and he was found guilty of negligence in over ten different patients.


Alejandra Guzman


Alejandra Guzman is a Mexican singer who suffered negligence during a glute augmentation surgery. The procedure involved pumping several injections into her buttocks. However, the doctor used a harmful connotation of chemicals in the injections that started to eat her insides. These chemicals are typically used to make glass and seals for machines – not for human surgery.


Alejandra had two titanium hip replacements, 23 surgeries and years of severe pain after the procedure. She nearly died several times and has check-ups regularly to make sure the infection hasn’t come back.


Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers was one of our favourite comedians and, at 81 years old, she experienced medical negligence. There were complications during a surgical throat procedure, and she stopped breathing. Numerous mistakes were made during the procedure and afterwards. The doctors failed to respond to Joan’s deteriorating vital signs – like her rapidly declining blood pressure.


Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan sued a spinal care facility and their doctors for surgical negligence. He filed a claim for $50 million after the surgeries left him destabilised and unable to wrestle. Hulk claims the surgeries did nothing for him except temporarily reduce the pain. The famous wrestler lost a considerable amount of income after the surgeries.


Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson has one of the most famous medical negligence cases in the world. The iconic singer had a combination of drugs in his body when he died in 2009. One of those drugs was very strong and had been prescribed by his GP. The doctor was charged with involuntary manslaughter, and his license was later revoked.


Medical negligence can permanently impact a patient’s quality of life, and in severe cases, it can even end their life.

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