What Cars Are Covered by the Lemon Law?


Most car buyers are lucky enough to have good luck with their new vehicle’s quality and performance, but sometimes, the vehicle has a chronic defect that can make it a real hassle to own. These vehicles are frequently in the repair shop with the same recurring issues that never get resolved. Luckily, if the care is still under warranty and continues to have problems, it may be covered by the Lemon Law. The Lemon Law is in place to help protect buyers from being stuck with a vehicle that doesn’t work properly and is under warranty. A “lemon” can cause the buyer to require multiple service visits that aren’t successful.

What is a Lemon?

A lemon is a term used for faulty care. These cars must follow certain criteria to be covered by the lemon law. One of the prerequisites is that the car requires multiple service visits without a remedy for the issue or issues it has currently. The vehicle also must be under warranty. Another requirement for classification as a lemon that fits the Lemon Law requirements is that the vehicle has mechanical or electrical issues preventing it from operating as intended. These issues can be costly and time consuming for the buyer and lead to continuing problems with the vehicle in question. 

If you or someone you know suspects they have a lemon that may be coved by the Lemon Law, they should get in contact with a professional lawyer or law firm that handles these cases specifically before trying to remedy the situation further. The faster the owner obtains legal representation, the sooner they can get a solution to the issues. Some of the possible solutions would be a manufacturer settlement, a buyback, or replacement. Depending on the problem or problems in question and the details of the case, the manufacturer may offer a suitable settlement or decide to negotiate back, and for with the legal representation the client selects. 

Possible Outcomes Resulting from a Lemon Law Case

When a person suspects they have a lemon and has tried multiple times to get a resolution to no avail, they can opt to pursue a case with professional legal counsel under the Lemon Law. An attorney who specializes in these cases can determine if this course of action is necessary and will, in many times, not require a fee or payment for representation due to the high success rate of these properly handled cases. 

One of the outcomes that can be an option is a buyback. Since the dealership doesn’t hold responsibility for a warrant, but rather the manufacturer, they are not part of the legal case and can’t be held accountable for the vehicle’s issues. The manufacturer may offer to buy the vehicle back to find more suitable options to meet their needs and dispose of the vehicle as they see fit. In some other instances, the manufacturer may opt to replace the vehicle with another new model to ensure the customer gets what they wanted without losing their business. This type of settlement can depend on the customer and the manufacturer when information about the case is considered. 

Aside from a buyback or a replacement, the manufacturer may decide to provide a cash settlement that can be negotiated by the legal representation the client chooses. This is why choosing the right lawyer can be so important. They need to have experience negotiating with a manufacturer’s legal team to get the best possible client solution. This settlement maybe for the cost of the vehicle and repairs or could potentially be more considering the individual circumstances surrounding the lemon in question. 

Finding the Right Lemon Law Lawyer

One of the first steps to resolving a Lemon Law case is finding the right legal representation. Working with a Lemon Law Lawyer who has experience and insight can be the best way to get a favorable outcome. You can also get a recommendation from mechanics, people who work in the automotive industry, or researching the internet. There is plenty of information available to the public about the attorneys and law firms who specialize in these types of cases. There are also details available about their previous cases and history with Lemon Law clients. 

Be sure to schedule a consultation before enlisting their services to make sure they are a good fit for the case. They can give you details and information you need to feel comfortable working with them and with the odds of the case being favorable for the car buyer. To learn more, reach out to a Lemon Lawyer in the area and find out how they operate regarding cases and what the expectation is for cases like yours. With any luck, the situation will be resolved in a timely manner to help get you back on the road without constant mechanical or electrical problems. 


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