What Are the Uses and Effects of Buying THC-O Gummies


THC-O products have been produced for mass markets only recently. It is already attracting attention. THC-O has a strength of 3-4 times greater than Delta 9 THC, the cannabinoid found in marijuana and CBD products below 0.3%.

Some might find it surprising, but you shouldn’t be when you discover that buying THC-O gummies is a chemical cousin of Delta-9 THC. THC-O is not a natural component of cannabis. This product is created in a laboratory as a by-product of Delta-9 THC (referred to as THC throughout this article).


The Uses and Benefits of THC O Gummies

THC-O doesn’t have any benefits different from THC, unlike other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. It is a more potent, more psychedelic, amplified version of THC.


Therapeutic Uses

THC-O’s primary user base consists of people who use THC for therapeutic purposes.

Due to physically or mentally debilitating conditions, some people can’t get by a day without inhaling substantial amounts of THC.

THC-O can provide the same benefits but in a lower dose, making it more affordable.

Many people become more dependent on THC over time, so they must take higher doses.

THC-O is much more potent than regular THC and can help solve this problem. Therefore, it is convenient for people who can’t see a future without THC support to keep their minds and bodies healthy.



THC-O is a popular choice for recreational cannabis users because of its powerful high.

It is known by its nickname, “The spiritual cannabinoid,” and it is easy to see why. THC O is sometimes described as having a similar high to psilocybin (also called magic mushrooms or “shrooms”).

THC-O can cause a strong buzz, deep relaxation, and euphoria.


What Is the Duration Of THC-O Gummies’ Effects?

THC-O gummies can have a lasting effect that lasts for hours. THC-O gummies are known to keep people high for up to 8 hours, depending on how much they take.


THC-O and Delta-9 THC: Which is Stronger?

In comparison to delta-9 THC, THC-O is much more potent. The effects of delta-9 THC are three times stronger than those of THC-O. In comparison with delta-9, THC-O produces a more incredible amount of psychoactivity. It is important to remember the dosing guidelines when taking THC-O. Your body may not be able to handle large doses of THC-O if you are used to high levels of delta-9. Keep in mind how potent THCO can be, and begin with a low dose, gradually increasing the dosage until you are satisfied.



Some THC-O gummies can be a little sketchy, we’ll admit. We’re proud to have compiled a top-quality brand that will not disappoint you. In addition to offering the best THCo Gummies in the market, Vivimu offers a variety of flavors. Moreover, they sell various pure CBD products, including delta-8 flowers and delta-9 gummies. With affordable prices and premium quality, all their products undergo third-party lab testing.

Please remember the strength of THC-O. Semi-synthetic cannabis cannabinoid THC-O is still relatively new on the market. It’s essential to be cautious and understand that THC-O is constantly evolving.

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