What happened to the Western Imperial Special Economic Zone Project?


Western Imperial project appears stalled, and Watts hopes its lands have not been encumbered like Morris Bay development:

Questions are being raised about the Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ) project, since nothing appears to have happened on the site since the agreement was signed last year.

Apart from the erection of fence poles in an area designated for a marijuana farm, sources say, nothing further has been done. There are further reports that the grass is overgrown and all equipment has been removed from the location.

Over 500 acres of land were sold by private owners to an Indian investor and the area was designated by the Gaston Browne Administration a special economic zone: 245 acres in Jennings and 304 acres in Five Islands.

According to the agreement governing WISEZ, factories, universities and several five-star hotels were expected to be constructed and operated in the zone.

Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. George, is hoping that those lands have not been tied up otherwise – as is the case for similarly announced investment projects.

Watts makes specific reference to lands in the Morris Bay area, where a Middle Eastern investor was to have constructed a luxury resort development known as Callaloo Cay. He says he is surprised that the people have not been agitating for transparency and information about this project.

Watts believes that this latest project– just like the YIDA venture – will not get off the ground, either.

Under the WISEZ licensing agreement – gazetted on September 23, 2021 – the Gaston Browne Administration has granted a number of incentives and concessions that will remain in force during the life of the special economic zone.

The agreement also grants the investor a licence into perpetuity for food, beverage, liquor, entertainment, and hotel and casino services, which is effective 365 days each year and 24 hours a day for the life of the operation of the Zone.

The Zone was established reportedly to attract domestic and foreign direct investment.- REAL NEWS

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  1. Was anyone surprised by this fake groundbreaking? I wouldn’t be surprised if they fled the country. Another fake investment.

  2. …I just woke up from a #Dream.
    …A very intense #Dream!
    …I, am going back to sleep!
    …because, this too is a #Dream!

    Jumbee World, I’m returning to complete my #Dream!

    This is a Carnival joke in Antigua for 2022!

  3. Is this the same investor Singh that rented Gaston’s house for 20K a month with a late fee of $1K per day? So 20K in rent + 30K in late fees nets Gaston $50K a month. So for the 1-yr rental lease that’s a quick $600K enough money for Gaston to invest in more beachfront properties.
    I understand Gaston’s son also rented properties at Dredge Bay to Singh and so he too made off like a bandit in this “not too creative enrichment scheme.”
    So once again it looks like the only beneficiaries in this scheme is Gaston Browne and his family.
    Just like the YIDA deal, this economic zone will not generate any economic activity only enrichment opportunity for the Browne family!
    Let’s run this crook out of town.

  4. A country that celebrate independence every year but our leaders sell us back into slavery, total hypocrisy!
    Our forefathers fought hard but a greedy brown clown🤡 look to brings us down while he rise with his self enrichment scheme. It is just a matter of time

  5. Gaston has done so much damage to this country. He has no love for black people. It is a joke that we are having ” Emancipation Watch Night” tonight.

  6. This is now a step too far by Gaston Browne.

    This is the first time I’m hearing about this. How have we allowed this man to behave in this unscrupulous manner?

    As Prime Minister, does he honestly believe that he can do as he pleases with the island’s land and coffers?

    Has he been using Antigua his personal cash cow?

    you’re wondering if there is anything else!

    OUT, OUT … OUT!!!

  7. Antigua government only attracts crooks as potential investors as the government is a crooked enterprise where for every interested investor, there has to be a piece for some politicians. These investors realize who they are dealing with and take what they can and disappear. What happened to the CIP passports given to WiSEZ?

  8. Please tell me we are going to freeze every account and confiscate every asset Gaston and his family procured while in public office!! That using Antigua and Barbuda to enrich himself must end and him with it at 1735!!

  9. Sometimes I wonder if you guys can get any dumber than this. The people bought the land from a private person. How then can the government get involved in it? Government only gave this people approval to start an economic Zone according to the law. There is no timeline as to when they should start their project. This is not a house that you are building. Preparations and studies of land development can take a couple of years. And then there is the financing that must be put in place. You guys are really inept if you ask me. But then again, looks who is making the statement. A snake. Brainless as they come. And that want to be part of running the country? Give me a big break.

  10. @From The Sideline…it’s the concessions and the lack of transparency from the government’s side. Please, stop your recruiting, to join the AKC – Ass Kissers Club.
    I recall your #Teacher’s_Pet story.

    • The concessions are given as by the law. And that law was put in place by the UPP. The government doesn’t give any extra’s. The law is clear what you will get if you are eligible to operate a Free Trade Zone. What about that you guys do not understand? Cabinet doesn’t sit and negotiate what you can and cannot get. Any investor will read the laws and know what it is they are entitled to.

      • @From The Sidelines…let it be known, that on this day August 4th, 2022, I, Vere Cornwall Edwards aka Ras Smood(a name which someone is desperately trying to highjack, as their own) aka Jumbee_Picknee is telling you From The Sidelines, you are talking pure nonsense aka shit, when it comes to being an investor, taking a proposal before the cabinet and getting concessions and perks.
        You are talking pure unadulterated shit!

        • http://laws.gov.ag/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/a1994-12.pdf


          I know you are not a reading person and like to throw insulting language when you cannot defend your point. You probably never took part in the debate team at school. Cause you are lost and lacking for words. I told you guys before, foul language doesn’t scare me, nor bother me. It only shows me that you guys are not up to my standard. But if needed I can meet you in the gutter where you reside.

          • @From The Sidelines…
            I’ll debate you any day, any where regarding the concessions and perks given out by the Parliament.

            A…Do you recall CTV and its inception. Who presented the proposal to Parliament and who finally was awarded the rights to use and abuse APUA?

            B…The present HEMP Indudtry and the awarding of Licenses?

            C…We still own five(5) acres on a beach, and my father could not get the concessions which were being given out to the Europeans, Asians, North American Carpet baggers.

            D…The stone quarry east of Freetown which supplied and is still suppling materials to build Mill Reef’s million dollar mansions, who do you think gave those foreign investors those rights to operate a quarry but local investors in Freetown could not?

            Those policies of which you speak, regarding concessions etc only become effective once finders fees, bribe monies and even shares in your business are ironed out with the crooks in Parliament.
            If those policies pertains to each and every investor, why is it necessary for investors to wine and dine politicians?

            As for reading, comprehending and discerning what is before me, put your money where your mouth is to know who I am.

            Again, doing business with the government of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA(UPP or ABLP) is akin to a nightmare for many local/indigenous investors.

            The day, a Ruling Arm of the government decides to do INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDITING of all government agencies, from the Statutory Boards to the Ghost Workers, the “gutter” in which I live will be a castle, compared to where many in authority will end up.

      • You see is jack asses like you that annoy the hell out of me, and people would read the crap you @From the Sidelines write and take it as gospel. Did not this present government change the law to reduce the amount of land which am investor must obtain to establish a special economic zone? And then you want to talk about UPP and the laws they passed? Did not this government change the laws set to respect the Barbuda lands? Look partner just go sit in your rotten corner and wait for the crumbs please.

        • Changing the law to allow more people to qualify doesn’t change the benefits that one gets if qualified for a Free Trade Zone.
          And please do not mention the unconstitutional Barbuda Land Act that was passed by the Inept UPP government. The Privy Council had their say about that and that case should now be closed. The Myth is over. You have fooled the people much too long. When I present facts don’t get upset with me. Just read the Act. It will confirm whether what I say is right or not. If you have other facts present them. Or else rest your case. Name calling will not help.

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