Wendell Robinson’s Termination Hearing Postponed Due To His Medical Condition

Former Commissioner Wendel Robinson

Wendell Robinson’s termination hearing, scheduled for October 31, 2019, has been postponed to November 14, 2019 after Robinson presented a sick certificate and requested more time so that he could answer to each specific allegation made against him in a letter from the PSC.

This was decided after the initial hearing on his termination was held on Friday, October 25th, 2019.

According to Robinson, doctors have advised him to stay away from stressful environments for the next three weeks.

The Commissioner of Police may face termination because of, as described by the Police Service Commission, his temperament and his fractious relationship with the Minister with responsibility for the police.

This was all in a letter addressed to Robinson, dated October 15th, 2019 where other details were included: “The Police Service Commission is minded to terminate your service as Commissioner of Police in the public interest”.

Robinson was first suspended in April 2018 following allegations of improper conduct leveled against him by two junior officers and a civilian.

On October 2018, Robinson was slapped with two internal charges for discreditable and oppressive conduct.

The embattled top cop insists that those charges do not apply to him “because Special Constables have no authority to investigate disciplinary charges, more so to prefer charges against me.”

The court ruled that week that the section under which Robinson was suspended could not apply to an officer with the rank of Inspector or higher.




  1. If Choski can call in sick Robinson can do it too.

    When was the last time Robinson submitted a sick leave while active? Nothing turns on this, just a question, sickness has no timing……

    • Of course its not! He is perfectly fine….pure GIMMICKS!!!

      but he must face it sometime….let’s see how long that “sick” excuse will go on for!

  2. A doctor once told me that as long as a sick leave slip is signed by a certified doctor your employer has to accept it whether it is false or not. No dispute there. So tek dat.

  3. If those are the reasons for termination, I guarantee a win for Wendell. I really want to take the Bar for Antigua. Any reciprocal agreement for any state in the US with Antigua?

    You can not terminate a commissioner because the minister and him can not get a long. The court will say one can not suffer a detriment while the other does not.

    What temperament are they referring too? Was this temperament prior to his suspension or now he is suspended? Was the temperament towards the minister that they both can not get along with each other? Is it normal to have issues between a career police Officer commissioner and a minister of government who has never been a police officer?

    I am advising both persons who I truly like, minister and commissioner, to work together somehow and my judgment is final.

    The government will pay more legal fees for these misuse of legal proceedings and wrongful termination nonsense.

  4. Personally I was impressed with his run as commissioner of police and I would love if he is reinstated! He made great changes in the police force and now with this acting commissioner his hard work is going down the drain! I said what I said

  5. Relationship with the minister? Thats pure bs, has anyone ever heard of COP Garry Griffith of Trinidad? He called out politicians on their illegal activities. His motto is basically “to protect and serve first”. Thats the type of Cop we need, someone who puts whats wrong from whats right first instead of “relationship with minister” smh only antigua🤦🏿‍♂️

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