Wendell Robinson Wins, Court orders re-instatement

Former Police Commissioner Robinson

The High Court ordered the re-instatement of Wendel Robinson as police commissioner.

Justice Godfrey Smith laid down the decision at the court via Skype this morning.

The judge quashed the April 5 decision of the Police Service Commission to suspend the top cop amid sexual harassment allegations.

The Police Service Commission was also ordered to pay Robinson’s legal costs.

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  1. Did this really surprise anybody. Even the blind could see this man was going to win his case. The PSC need to stop wasting our tax dollars cause I dont see them winning their appeal weather the go privy council or ccj (just my opinion)

  2. Actually I am not too worried about him winning the case as this thing would be stalled and stalled and he would never be allowed to sit in the Commissioners chair again. Bringing the position into disrepute is bigger than one man and the police Dept needs to exhale. For the good of the force, GO PLEASE.

  3. The man might have had his own personal choice of life but when comes to his work, I applaud him. He was one of the commissioners that look for the police force on a whole in my estimation. Even though you were a civilian you could make and appointment and talk to him if you had a problem and displease with how it was handled. I don’t know how the after effects may be handled but I hope that he can work honestly again within the force.

  4. Well if the pedo cop who was accused of child rape and kidnapping can walk free and get back his job the same can go for this guy it not like he was criminally charged any way…next story please.

  5. I did not expect anything different. One problem solved two problems created.
    1 The division amongs the rank.
    2 Political implication or fall out
    The next move in this comedy show will be very interesting. A large popcorn and some lemonade under a shady tree.

    PS Mr Pompey you were wrong when you said “Mr Robinson will never be a cop again”. Your correct rate is still good though.

  6. Two police cases thrown out, one more to go?!
    I love Antigua, but it’s a very strange place.
    I sometimes wonder: do the courts use their own interpretation of the laws or prosecutors purposedly … so as to impact outcomes?

  7. I’m glad the man got his justice. Too often employers just try to railroad workers because they think they can get away with it. I hope they hav3 to pay his legal costs.

  8. Antigua lawyers and prosecutors are so corrupt
    I am happy for the commissioner. That lawyer is a good lawyer and I wish the other lawyers in Antigua will stop be so timid. Have courage and stop being so scared and get confidence.

  9. I’m happy to hear Mr Robinson got his job back. He’s a good man who had his name smeared for others political gain. Shame shame on those people.

  10. How can he ever return to the force after this. Suggestion, negotiate a settlement and ride off into the sunset.

  11. well well what a dilemma?? Are you telling me AGAIN that those who sit on the PSC are not competent enough to discuss amongst themselves to realize the error that they would have made in suspending this man? Are you also telling me that the AG himself did not have the competence to sit and chat with his PSC and realize also that the possibility of errors are huge if they were to go the route they went?
    Do not come and tell me that AG involve with PSC would look political! He and most of the other politicians already have tax payers money paying for people winning cases out of their incompetency in law and labor matters. To say the least that the AB(L)P/A(L)P party came out of “workers'” movement.
    Hard earn tax payers money down the drain again! Wait, that tall buffoon you all have – Garbage Browne aka “Worl’ Arse” going say “no worry, arh CIP money”.


    My friend, you are vibrating [Bob Marley: Rastaman Vibration: April 30, 1976].

    You would probably quicker see a ‘…Green Donkey’ walking up Market Street, and
    everyone it meets, it greets.’

    Though for different reasons, no Commissioner facing such troubles ever returned to office.

    Read for yourself the historic Case of 50 years ago;

    ‘…Regina V Metropolitan Commissioner Blackburn ex parte [1968:2 QB: 118].

    Check those Commissioners from the region ‘… Wilhelm Thompson [Grenada]; …Ausbert Regis and Vernon Francois [St. Lucia]; …Darwin Dottin [Barbados]; and right here, …Truehart Smith; …Gary Nelson; and Vere Browne].

    Please take a read at this very website; click Column for:



    Then read the Judgment against the PSC ‘…ANUHCV 2018/0202.’

    Did point out some of the blunders made by the Police Service Commission.

    • Would you agree that even for a brief period when the judge gave his verdict, he was a cop again until he was once again suspended?

  13. Mr Robinson Immigration needs a Chief. Based on Mr Pompey’s blog negotiate and move on.

    Head of Immigration would not damage your career. The country over run with undocumented aliens and human trafficking.

    Not withstanding nuff support and respect for your professional ability. Negotiate and move on before that door shut in your face.

  14. U will quicker see santa claus on his horses in the summer going up market street before u see him in police uniform….he can go work for the ministry of education

    He is not a Cop for a brief moment Rastaman.

    Notwithstanding, his suspension, he is still a member of the Police Service ,
    and still the ‘…Commissioner of Police.’ It is clear that the Police Service Commission is in ‘…Contempt of Court.’

    Instead of carrying out the judicial orders of the Court, they have reportedly issued a second ‘…Letter of Suspension.’ The PSC has shown callous disregard to the Judiciary.

    All the ‘PSC’ needed to do was to issue a letter for him to be reinstated and when he reported to office, serve him the letter of suspension.

    Commissioner Robinson could now apply to the Court to commit the 7-member Commission to prison for disobeying the Court’s order.

    You may recall Mrs. Querard did so to former Finance Minister Harold Lovell over the delayed payment for Half Moon Bay.

    He, as an attorney, was smart by quickly issuing the ‘…Financial Warrant to the Accountant General,’ even though no money was there to be paid.

    He would have obeyed the Court’s Order, by doing what he had a legal duty to do.
    If the State was broke, well, not much he could have done.

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