Wendell Robinson suspended

Former Police Commissioner Robinson

The Police Service Commission moments ago confirmed the suspension of Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson.

Chairman Kelvin John told Robinson in a letter that certain complaints have been made against him which are now being investigated.

The suspension takes effect immediately.

The police force is now in the hands of Atlee Rodney.

In a news release, STRATCOM said Deputy Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney has been promoted to the Rank of Acting Commissioner of Police with immediate effect.

Also, Assistant Commissioner of Police Albert Wade has been promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police vice Mr. Atlee Rodney.

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    • Don’t start such chit. An accusation was made and should be investigated. What say you who clearly have jump the gun. What is expected is that a full investigation, no cover ups, transparency all through. Let the investigators do their work and stop put personal biases into it.

  1. Lol. The untouchable ain’t gonna put no more pressure on anyone anymore. Let us see how all the men of the RPFAB who use their assset to climb the ranks HANDLE THIS NOW. Serpent you get justice now. Whener house get justice now also.

    Time the ass-set business stop

  2. Were is the voice of the LGBQQQZGAY in all this …cat got your tongue Guess everything takes time ..alot more in the force … u guys better start straight psc nar play

  3. I’m no fan of Wendel Roberson but I do wonder if it was a female police officer who made these allegations would you all be so vocal and would it be so scandalous. Sexual harrsament is not a joke matter whether it be male or female. Or society so wutlass and slack. There are women in both private and public sector be sexual harass by their bosses or supervisor and yet there is no big public out cry. Again you people just love ugly.

    • I agree with u … but could it be a case where by god given rights men and women were created to be with each other .. not man on man women on women .. I am not condoning any harassment … but just saying

    • If you have a “special” ring with the “compass and a square” and if you are a member of Hiram Abiff’s house, then you tend to think that you are high and mighty and “untouchable” but let it be known that the Most High sits high and looks down low. Nothing is hidden from Him. What is in darkness WILL come to light.

    • Nope he ain’t. You never listen to him when he talks? And the newly appointed “Acting COP” ain’t Antiguan either. Neither is Kennie McBurnie and a host of others, but they have “big position” inna de police force. Antiguans really “soft” fu true. Sure foreigner can join the force, but they should not be allowed to advance to certain positions.

      • They are all Antiguans … are you saying that we in the us should pack up and come home because our naturalized us passports dosent make us citizens … please stop that crap talk

      • What you are saying is ridiculous!!!! I am a born Antiguan and I believe that anyone who comes here, especially caricom national, and legally remain in the country and have paid their dues should be given any opportunity that they are qualified for. Mr Robinson, though I do not condone his life style, is one such person. He has been in Antigua for at least 30 years or more, has worked himself up the ranks and have educated himself. So there is no reason why he does not deserve his position and there is no reason for deportation. And if you have a problem with non nationals not being placed in senior positions, maybe it says something about us Antiguans.

  4. There are more questions than answers. These complaints were made a long time ago, but conveniently they wait until after the election to “look into it”. This is the same mortal who could not investigate his “boss” because his boss was his mentor. Sounds good. Keep it going.

    • What does labour party have to do with an on going investigations. I don’t like Roberson nor Rodney but so funny everybody has something to say cause male officers are making allegations but yet still when the females were being harassed by the commissioner who Roberson took over from all this media spotlight was not there. Sad guess women have no rights.

  5. Mr Robinson you are a man who has studied and practiced law I am beyond disappointed you took your personal desires to your place of work..I hope these are mere allegations.

    • I agree. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise and maybe it’s now time to discuss homosexuality and its sordid effects of workplace health and cohesion. These types are everywhere – in our homes, schools, churches, offices. We need to identify homosexual- based harassment where ever it exists and deal with it once and for all, irrespective of the gender of the perpetrators.

      • I’ll say this again it is a sad situation with what is carrying on with these allegations that have been made against Wendel Roberson but why is it that because males are making these allegations there is this media spotlight when there are countless reports of women being sexually harassed by their bosses and yet no justice has been done. Even in the same police force female officers are being sexually harassed by high ranking officers and no investigations have been launch. Our society love to much nastiness. But anyway how feels it knows i

  6. Anybody that is saying he is innocent don’t really know him this guy is a beast and he is sick…..they don’t need any investigations………deport him back to vincy

  7. This is just a sad sick story. Police Ofdicers are always known for being involved in homosexual activites long before Wendel Roberson rose to the top and even of he is terminated it still ah go carry on. The culture in the force done broken. This whole so called scandal is there now cause things are reletivley quiet with the silly season over and these news outlets need something to keep their readers entertained.

  8. God never sleep, when we have skeletons in our closets do not do wrong to others. Take that Shaaaaaaame

  9. God na sleep. Me na join the force. Me na clim up no laddder back way. Robinson you shame up are we force. This sin is a very serious one. God make man for woman n you want challenge God directly. Rodney no disrespect do not take up the post n change up on us now nah…. Do not let this top cop thing get to your head. Na gwan nuff. I know you’re a man who will do your job. Those recruits that just passed out were not properly trained. The Commissioner have them on leashes, reporting back to him, by passing Sgt’s and complain…. He pick up for them… You are also an instructor let justice reign for us all.

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