Wendell Robinson Faces Possible Termination Because of His “Fractious” Relationship With The Minister Responsible For Police

Former Police Commissioner Wendel Robinson

Wendell Robinson, Commissioner of Police, may face termination because of, as described by the Police Service Commission, his temperament and his fractious relationship with the Minister with responsibility for the police.

This was all in a letter addressed to Robinson, dated October 15th, 2019 where other details were included: “The Police Service Commission is minded to terminate your service as Commissioner of Police in the public interest”.

“…The Commission has arranged to receive your representations at a meeting to be held on the 25th October 2019 at 10 am, at the Commission’s Office on Nevis Street. The Commission will then make a final determination on the matter by 31st October 2019,” the letter added.

Robinson was first suspended in April 2018 following allegations of improper conduct leveled against him by two junior officers and a civilian.

On October 2018, Robinson was slapped with two internal charges for discreditable and oppressive conduct.

The embattled top cop insists that those charges do not apply to him “because Special Constables have no authority to investigate disciplinary charges, more so to prefer charges against me.”

The court ruled that week that the section under which Robinson was suspended could not apply to an officer with the rank of Inspector or higher.



  1. Well well what a thing. They setting themselves up for a lawsuit that the tax payers of Antigua and Barduda will have to foot. How the hell has this matter not been reslove yet???

  2. I pray that this situation between Wendell Robinson, Police Service Commission and whoever don’t end up into millions of tax payers dollar. It is time they get this matter solved.

    • Justin Simon is long gone, so that shouldn’t be the case. Litigation after litigation and a useles “power plant” and “car park” under the “sunshine gov’t”

      We def don’t need to repeat those mistakes.

  3. UPP decimated the entire head of the police force and not one of those officers got satisfaction. So why would he? He not getting a damn thing. He needs to take his pay off and go quietly. He can move back to Vincy in peace.

  4. Mr Robinson please accept my advice, no need to consult your lawyers.

    You will be a millionaire by the time this is settled.

    And for good measure in the separation package negotiate for another top job.

    Common sense suggest their hands are tied.

  5. One more thing Me Robinson ensure your full pension is intact.

    And the matter of the accusation from the four officers is properly disposed of.

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